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Waiting for the moments,
Touching the flowers,
Petals – pink and soft.
Breeze of breaths across.

His garden green.

Waiting to hear the twitters,
Over the tree branches,
Little bird swinging them.
And playing with leaves.

In –
His Reality or Dream.

Waiting for the scent,
Of the blossoms,
Each morning fresh.
As the thousand roses around.

In – His Oasis in the way long.

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Photo of Lily..

Casting: That evening, little did the smart ladies, knew that in the shopping mall, their voice was loud enough to reach the audience. And the audience knew their dialect very well.
First Lady:

“You know – hearing the words of mother – he immediately jumped off Sofa . And when her mother said – “Beta, it have been long time that I have seen the photo of Lily – Can you send me one photo of you and Lily?”
“Where as he does not moves out of Sofa for three days !” – She added.
“Nipun got up the sofa and dressed up and went to the photo lab. Within two hours he was back with washed photos. I was surprised. Next day while leaving for office, he sent the photos to Yadavpur (Kolkata) by Courier. He did not washed the photos of our honeymoon even after long time and even when I said. And after hearing the Mothers word’s he jumped from Sofa……. How much Nipun Changed in three years of knowing me in Bangalore! Before how much he used to just love me. Everything changed now. How do I feel..
You know that old lady when fells sicks – its seems that she is almost going to die. Every time she fells sick – it seems that  this time she will die…

Second Lady:

Oh that party.. All had nice Maal (drink) …
You know na what Kushal did -She did not wanted to take me for the outings..To save money. But when his father came – He took him to Pondicherry tour. Would you believe…
You know what they think… I am brainwashing you…
And my mother-in-law… Pathetic…. I will not be silent unless I get her the air of prison. You know what …. one case of Domestic violence, if I put – they will be behind bars. Just only what need to be done is give a statement of domestic violence and first thing police will do is arrest the entire family.


First lady is paying her bill by Meal Pass.
First Lady: Would’t you buy anything?
Second Lady: No.. I just came to have some Puchkas ( Pani Puris)……
Audience was shocked to see one another world of-in-Laws-inside-out.

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Wake Up Sid !!

Get Smart was the first movie I saw in Bangalore – that too after “Please watch a movie arrangement” done by “P”.

And Wake up Sid – was my first movie I saw with my Dear. In the movie Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) wake up within 3 hours – but I took few months to wake up and still half awake 🙂 . Waking up for blog writing – movie watching – TV watching – and having some fun of life.

One weekend, she picked up the movie CD from the Landmark – “The pursuit of Happyness” for me – to Watch. So after a proper planning of not going out- we sat to watch the movie. We saw it – An excellent movie – worth buying a movie CD !

Then only I knew there exists some actor called -“Will Smith” – to her utmost surprise. Yeah – I have been very poor guy in watching movies – especially English movies.

Now a days – I am missing her presence and her home making efforts. So sometimes I do miss my carelessly kept TV remote too. Hence switching on the TV manually means – running a single channel – mostly movie channel – and one after one movies keep playing in background – while I am sitting with my another love – my lappy. Not to be surprised that during last one month I might have seen some 3 movies on TV – the number of movies, I have not seen in last 3 years of purchasing TV.

At the end note : It was 60th republic day of India. And Sid was sitting alone in the houseful PVR ! He was the last Idiot in his known circle – to see the movie “3 Idiots” – that too after being insisted by his wife to watch her favourite actor’s nice movie.

No worries.. Sid is waking up… 🙂

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Those seeds…

Over the mountain
Or in the Dense forest,
Descending seeds of tree.
On the mother earth.

With the rain drops-
They do grow.

Hopes of color,
In the bright dawn,
With Breeze of east,
They do grow.

Hidden under
The Carpet of dry leaves,
Near the trunk,
Safe and sound.
They do grow.

The cold nights.
And awaited mornings,
Safe in earth’s womb.
In the beautiful nature
They do grow.

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Posted by: Prem Piyush | August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday !

Stars spread across the sky,
Flowers spread – flying butterfly.
Crossing the garden –
And the little girl shy.

Writes on paper –
The memories and life’s why?

😦 or 🙂  – dots and curves
Feelings across nouns and verbs.
Call them symbol or smiley,
Its her birthday and
She is Juneli.

Happy Birthday to our inspiring blog friend.
May God shower the blessings for her.

Many many happy returns of the day ! 🙂

Posted by: Prem Piyush | August 20, 2009

These Moments

Arms embraced-
Reading these lines,
When you asked –
Why these pages empty!

Seeing the changes of Life-
Reading millions words,
Revolving around,
Embraced me and you.

Where the life is moving-
Its own pace-
Writing poems of its own,
And the speed-
Faster than my pen.

We are running behind all –
To read.
And the time is faster
Before the minute details – I can draw.

Wish the time don’t stop –
I can’t stand that!

Let me walk fast
Past the terrains
That we covered
In the months few.

Wish to pick,
The pink feather –
Again my dear.
Again like before.
In the ink – Pink again.

Posted by: Prem Piyush | March 25, 2009

The Pink Feather

Pink Feather

The words seemed to be lost,
In the world around –
Few words  wrapped in flowers-
Others lying on the ground.

On bed – lying was a pink feather,
With a note – “your friend forever”
Came a song from the mango grooves –
It was- cuckoo’s sound,

All the night – Only Few words,
Rest silence –
Hands in hands,
Pairs of eyes meeting.

Closing the eyelids-
A Kiss on forehead.
She whispers – Don’t worry
Everything will be fine.

Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 4, 2009

Eternal Curves of my Poems

Dear –
Everything around me
Was moving –
I was writing !
Scores of lines –
Edited – to hide something.
Decorated and making it presentable.

But Tomorrow,
When I will move –
I am silent –
And my pen.

I wish –
This silence is not me –
Or its only me!
I still don’t know.
Resilent –
Seeing the play –
Of life.

Wish to narrate every thing –
That searched the petals –
Swimming the ocean of tears.

In all these-
Dear – Seems –
I have lost my pen –
Hands trembling.

Wish – If you can –
Dip the pen – In rainbow colours.
Hold my hands
Sit beside me !
And let me write.

See on the paper –
The scribbles over it.
That’s me.
Love that like ever.

Beyond our bodies –
Beyond the time –
Beyond me and you.

Let me write –
Everything –
That’s me –
Eternal curves of my Poems – you love.
Like Ever.

Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 28, 2008

The Moonlit Night


The very morning –
When the night is over.
And a poem was written –
With curves of lines,
Slanted, without shapes.

A moonlit night –
When the clouds,
Played with the moon,
Making shapes around.
Round and oval,
A bed of white cushion.

Also played the wind-
Crazy and stupid.
Cool it was –
In the feeling of warmth
When silent night embraced.

And a poem was being written –
With curves of lines,
Slanted, without shapes.

Over the rose petals
Formed the dew drops.
Unable to bear more.
Falling on grass.

A beautiful night –
It was.

And a poem was written –
With curves of lines,
Slanted, without shapes –
Of careless creases –
Written on the silk linen.

Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 30, 2008


When a child is to born,
Everyone awaits outside,
To cheer up .

Inside –
The Mother cries-
In a room – isolated.
Of pain – immense.

The womb ruptured after,
Nine months of attachment,
Those days she have felt –
Each moment the foetus,
Safe and growing.
She loved it.

Then it comes –
The moment of detachment,
A new relation will be born
And she will be the mother.
But she cries of pain.

Every birth demands-
A pain – immense.
Only the Mothers do feel.

May be its the transition..
May be..
May be..
Only she knows.

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