About Me


I am Bangalore based software professional. Writing is one of my creative passion apart from painting and some others…

Qualified as masters in computer application, my dreams are beyond the mastery on the subject. The narrative ability makes those dreams come true for me. Blogging is an integral part of the same.

Though my poems, prose and write-ups need not necessarily reflect my personal life and the fact is, I do love to pen down – whatever touches me around the world.

I guess, you will agree that, we all do feel like lone walkers, in the world on our own paths. At different crossings, we do meet each other for a while or longer.

If its a crossing, and you are meeting me here, please do leave your impression, with your words, I shall embrace them and they will help me proceed further….


  1. haribol prabhu

    im very interested in your comments. thanks for visiting. perhaps we can converse via email. i would very much appreciate your help on my site. what is ur email address?

    take care and look forward to hearing from u.

    ur das


  2. Tell me more about your products and services.

  3. hi prem piyush

  4. Hi Piyush,
    Good Job indeed, Thanks.

  5. You write pretty well. Keep it up.

  6. How do I get a poem written on moon on this site.

  7. @Everyone,
    Thanks you so much !

    The heart is singing that…. Will write one dear for sure !

  8. Hi! Prem Ji how r u? I am very impressed with ur job You have done such a very good job.Keep it up.
    Prem will you please give some contact no realeted with tea proffession from KNE.


  9. Thanks Rashid bhai, for your gesture. I will send available details with me to you. Please keep encouraging me after visiting this space.

  10. Hey Piyush .

    I m from north – Gorakhpur … and liked your website very much … this is all for common ppl and .really wanna join this here an dshare my feeling. Pls let me know if thr is any procedure.

    Best Regards….Neeta

  11. Hi Neeta,

    Thanks for your comment and liking the blog. Nice to hear that you are from Hindi speaking region and you too want to start your own

    The procedure to start a blog is easy one.

    Though there are many blog service providers – I wish to suggest you for wordpress.com – that is best of all .

    1. Log on to http://wordpress.com/signup/

    2. You will be given a small form and you have to fill that. Choose a suitable blog name as in my case its http://www.prempiyush.wordpress.com

    3. Now you can make your blog with some real name or dummy name
    e.g http://www.neetasharma.wordpress.com / http://www.expressions.wordpress.com

    4. Once you have made your blog – there you will find a dashboard, from where you can do writing and editing.

    5. After you have written some of your post,do read others, put comments and be a part of wonderful blogging world.

    And yes you can share your feelings. We will be reading you and put comments too.

    Let me know in case of any problem.

  12. awesome paintings, keep up the good work

  13. Welcome Bharadwaj. Its pleasing that you found them nice. These are careless strokes, when pen does not know what exactly to say… keep visiting.

  14. Hi Piyush,

    I was very touched by your poems.

    You are really good.



  15. Hi, I am from Bangalore too, working at Socgen,ITPL. I want to have a wall painted at my home, with the Madhubani or any folk/tribal form of art.Do you take such assignment or know someone who does. If yes, pls contact me at 9945244708. Thanks.

  16. Hello,

    I am Sanjay Kashyap from Punjab. You are using your skill with a better way. So, keep it up. God always help you in every field.

  17. Hello Prem Bhaiya. .

    Nice to see your blog. . . Nice to know your work. . . Nice to meet you again. . . Once in our school. . 2nd in orkut. . . 3rd in n.net. . And again here. . .

    Today i knew. . You are also interested in painting. . Ok. . Glad to know. . .

    I am not chronic user of net. . But tried my little effort in my busy schedule. . If you give me valuable suggestions and visit my blog,it would be my pleasure. .


  18. Hi Piyush,

    Could you help me understand the meaning of the track Main Naraye Mastana by Abida Parveen?

    Else could you connect me to someone who might know the same?

    Thanks a ton in advance.

    Im available on : moin.merchant@gmail.com


  19. Dear Abhay,
    Keep meeting.. meeting 🙂 Hope to meet you again in real life.

    I have added your blog in my google reader.

    Dear Moin,
    I will send you the meaning of the track. Thanks for coming here.


  20. Hi!

    Really too impressed by ur writings. It touched core of my heat.


  21. Hi Prem,

    Could you please pass me your email id? I need to write in details. We are about to publish a Hindi magazine called Argala next month. I liked the stories on your blog and I would like to invite you to contribute some stuff for our magazine.

    In the first issue of Argala some of the highlights are, Interview of India’s biggest award in literature ie Sahitya Academy Award winner Amarkant, Interview of Dr. Soumyabrata Chowdhury, a famous theater director and writer, article of Late Acharya Ramchandra Shukla and a few contributions from some of the most famous personalities in this field – Dr. Varyam Singh, Dr. Ganga Prasad Vimal, Dr. Anand Kumar and Dr. Devendra Chowbey.

    Please let me know your email id and I will write in details. I guess you are in Bangalore. I am presently in Bangalore for few days.

    Thanks in advance

    Ravindra Pushker

  22. Dear sir,

    I want to know about my birth date in english month like -12 july 1983, and i know only in samwat 2040, Chaitra 13 ( After 11 days Ramanavmi of this date ).

    Please advice me the my actual date of birth in english month

  23. Hi i need a english translation of this Main Naraye Mastana – Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif

    plzz any one can email mee ??? the lyrcis
    at crave_pal@hotmail.com

  24. Hi Piyush,

    I also need your help to understand the meaning of the track Main Naraye Mastana by Abida Parveen.

    Ihope u will help me

    Im available on : shinydagger@hotmail.com


  25. sir,
    a nice poem you got this in your great mind.
    this poem helped my sister 4 her project thank you sirji.

  26. Hey Piyush,

    I wud be too grateful of u if cud help me to understand the meaning of the track Main Naraye Mastana by Abida Parveen.

    I hope u will help me
    email : uniquemanik@gmail.com


  27. i am vijaykumar can you tell me what was the day and date in 1975 amavshya

  28. hi folks,

    I really appriciate if someone helps me to understand the meaning of the song “mein naraye mastana” sung by abida parveen.


  29. sir,
    a nice poem you got this in your great mind.
    this poem helped my sister 4 her project thank you sirji.

    By: jaymesh meena on January 20, 2010
    at 6:57 pm


    Hey Piyush,

    I wud be too grateful of u if cud help me to understand the meaning of the track Main Naraye Mastana by Abida Parveen.

    I hope u will help me
    email : dr_khemani@hotmail.com

  30. my sister born in sriramnavami festival day it was sunday in the year 1972-1975,excet date we dont know.please give me year and date.thank you

  31. my sister borin in sriramnavami festival day.it was sunday in the year 1972-1975 please guive me exect day and year.but it was sunday.thank you

  32. plz tell me wat wil b the english date of kartik krishna paksh 6 vikram samwat 2009

  33. Aasad sudi 6 or chhat saal 1983 please tell me date of this tithi



  36. my hindu calander bhadarva vadi panchami year 1959 i required actul date

  37. this is so so bad poems

  38. no nice poems is here in this site

  39. Dear Prem,

    I would like to ask you for a favor. I am trying to find out the exact birth hour (and find proof of the day and month) of Palden Dorje (Ram Bahadur Bomjon), now under his new name Dharma Sangha. But I am not a hIndu, so not so familiar with Hindu and Nepali calendars. He is from 10 children o farmers, so it was not really a habit, I think, to write down the exact birth of each one. So the parents are not so sure, but claim that he was born on “Chaitra Purnima Day” of April 1990. Now I need some approximate part of the day to be able to rectify the birth hour by the Trutine of Hermes method. For this I need to know when was the “Chaitra Purnima Day” in 1990 exactly: 9th of April or 10th? As I know that days are counted from sunrise till next sunrise. But which day is considered the “purnima day” in India and Nepal? That day which has the astronomically exact full moon? Or rather the day preceding it? Many thanks for your eventual advice. marici

  40. My mother was born on Paush Vadi Duuj according to jain calendar. It comes sometimes in december or comes in january. She knows her year near by it might be 1960 dec or 1961 january. Please help. Thanks & Regards.

  41. These are genuinely wonderful ideas in regarding blogging.
    You have touched some pleasant points here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  42. I was born on 2024 jyestha amavasya 2 to 2.30 pm at Village Bali, Railway station Falna, District Pali, Rajasthan according to jain calendar.Please give me my exact Date of Birth according to english calendar.

  43. I was born on samvat 2015 kartik month 4.30 am banaras. please give me my exact date of birth according to english calendar.

  44. My daughter Aishwarya Nair was born on 17th July 1990 at 12:16 pm, at Bhopal. Some Astrologers tell that she has Chowa Dosha in the 8th house of her horoscope. Some tell that there is favourable Chowa (Ruchaka Maha Yoga).

    Kindly tell me exactly what is right in her Horoscope please.

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