Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 31, 2010

Wake Up Sid !!

Get Smart was the first movie I saw in Bangalore – that too after “Please watch a movie arrangement” done by “P”.

And Wake up Sid – was my first movie I saw with my Dear. In the movie Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) wake up within 3 hours – but I took few months to wake up and still half awake 🙂 . Waking up for blog writing – movie watching – TV watching – and having some fun of life.

One weekend, she picked up the movie CD from the Landmark – “The pursuit of Happyness” for me – to Watch. So after a proper planning of not going out- we sat to watch the movie. We saw it – An excellent movie – worth buying a movie CD !

Then only I knew there exists some actor called -“Will Smith” – to her utmost surprise. Yeah – I have been very poor guy in watching movies – especially English movies.

Now a days – I am missing her presence and her home making efforts. So sometimes I do miss my carelessly kept TV remote too. Hence switching on the TV manually means – running a single channel – mostly movie channel – and one after one movies keep playing in background – while I am sitting with my another love – my lappy. Not to be surprised that during last one month I might have seen some 3 movies on TV – the number of movies, I have not seen in last 3 years of purchasing TV.

At the end note : It was 60th republic day of India. And Sid was sitting alone in the houseful PVR ! He was the last Idiot in his known circle – to see the movie “3 Idiots” – that too after being insisted by his wife to watch her favourite actor’s nice movie.

No worries.. Sid is waking up… 🙂

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