Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 4, 2008

Suggest and Get a Designer Card Free

Good news !

I am planning to make my own personal website. I have few ideas and I need your inputs too – as the site you may love to see. Please suggest me with your comments or mail [premishere {at} gmail [dot] com] .

1. What components would you like to be included in my website ?
2. What kind of site appearance would you like to see – A casual / formal / something different ?

Send feedback soon and receive my specially crafted new year real card as compliment. The card you can use to send someone special.

Please let me know, what my personal site should have ?

Hurry ! Limited Edition Cards !!



  1. yes dear friend,
    don’t know your name or profession or anything
    but possible you like a poet………
    a nature lover………….i’ve given u my blog address

  2. Hi Prem,

    Good that you have decided to have your own personal website,

    Firstly what are you planning to do on your website…whom are you targeting to?

    May be that could help us to suggest you a good theme.

    All the Best!!!!

  3. Hi Bhaswar,

    In About me, you may find a bit. And not poet but a random line generator – I am 🙂 . I visited your blog and subscribed that in my google reader.

    Hi Srini,

    I am a web technologies expert by profession and creative person by each bit .

    And I am planning to have my website to make my personal presence on net apart from my blog.

    The basic plan of website is :

    My Personal Information, My School, My Selective Literary Write ups, My Photo galary, My Drawing galary. The Geetanjali Translation efforts, My Friend’s Galary, My Professional Portfolio. And Scope for web technology consultation.

    The Target Audience will be my known persons and all google addicts – who will randomly hit my site after searching for something relevant.

    Thanks for the wishes..

  4. A good news indeed but do you think a personal web site would be as effective as blog. I have doubts- It’s my feelings only. I actually have no idea about it.

    Anyway, as regarding suggestions, what to give. Reading your reply to Srini, you almost have covered up all the features (personal). What left…..

    * You are thinking to have Geetanjali but I would like to suggest you to give place for Indian literature to increase the beauty of the page

    * Music/song will enhance the soul of the web site.

    * Food/Cuisine might make your site tastier.

    * Culture, Customs and Festivals etc will add up colours and brightness.

    * Free Greetings – crafted by you lift the charm.

    If there will be any I will suggest you. I don’t know if I have said much…..

  5. Thanks Juneli for the valuable comments. You are making me dream big and work harder. Will include the songs / cultural aura / free greetings.

    Food part will make you hungry so what to do 😛

    Free e-greetings is a really good idea 🙂 🙂 And I guess the customized real greeting card selling also can be done.

    Geetanjali Translation itself is a big work, lets see I can make the range wider…

    Any more ideas by this time !!

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