Posted by: Prem Piyush | October 21, 2008

Dancing Again…

Dancing again with the tunes of heart. Sometimes I surprise or better to say wonder – how an institution/organization do flourish. May be not a person in physical appearance but his/her philosophy, passion and the aura around – do carry it across. And such passion of passions travels across the persons.

10 months before – when I started the dancing classes, the biggest thing that evolved in me  is confidence, shedding the inhibition and smile.  I was such a guy – who never had a girl in his class after class 6 ! Why I am talking about girls is the inhibition that I carried from a small town.  How a girl can talk with boys so boldly – surprised me ! How the people talk so frankly yet with dignity.  Though stage appearance was embedded in me, but still I had to learn to communicate.

The artistic expressions and changing dance partners taught me something – that seemed necessary for a person to grow up. Its just something that I learnt from the girls/women – to grow up. And everything just remains within the disciplined walls of Dance classes. After that not many are in touch .

And above that Dance is deep down the soul – and Guru’s eyes must bless you. As my sister had been a classical dancer- I have seen her doing guru vandana before she danced. And touching the ears – when she had to pronounce the guru’s name.

The year started dancing – the whole year I danced, started from January to till date – all just changed a lot for me. Life danced – as it wanted. Legs danced as I wanted. Both danced and moved each other.  Professional confidence and personal upliftment just boosted.

Its not just dance but to understand the life’s expressions and expressing them in right way.. I am loving to dance again and learning to excel again in this metro with whatever I have … Thanks Shiamak’s dreams  !!



  1. So you have joined dancing class again. Good. Dance with music tune, dance with nature’s tune and dance with life’s tune.

    Dancing is really a great way to live a balanced life – spiritually and personality. He who dance with mind, body and soul touches the divinity.

    Keep dancing and enjoying the life.

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