Posted by: Prem Piyush | October 6, 2008

The Kiddish Poem

Some say – Crazy.
Other say – Thoughtful.

Some say – Smart.
Other say – Buddhu.

Some say – Lovely,
Other say – Stupid.

Some say – Uncle.
Other say – Beta.

Some say – Gentle.
Other say – Nautanki.

Some say – Innovative,
Other say – Mad.

Some say – Dear,
Other say – Friend.

Some say – Go,
Other say – Come.

Some say – Bhadra Lok,
Other say – Acha Bacha .

Some say – keep writing.
Other say – Stop nonsense.



  1. Hehehe..nice one!

    Some say – lalloo 😛
    Some say – bholu 😉

  2. Kahne ko to duniya mein log bahut kuch kah jate hein…per unke kahe per agar chale to jina mushkil ho jayega. Isliye…

    Dil ki suno tum…..dil ki karoo tum….. 🙂

  3. good hai sir jee……….

  4. Kahne wale kahte hin rahte hain, karne wale karke nikal jate hain. . . . Those are great who dont care on them and do whatever is the right choice . .

  5. Your poem rememberedme the song – “Kehta hai joker sara jamana, aadhi haqikat aadha fasana, chashma utaro phir yaro dekho, duniya nayi hai chehra purana………….” of “Mera Naam Joker”

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