Posted by: Prem Piyush | September 14, 2008

Freedom of Wheels…

Had a bike ride of 40 km+ Its a Merry Go Round biking around Bangalore… As per the schedule 3 guys and 1 girl joined this trip.. Some joined later and left earlier.. But I could complete this whole..As I stay near the finishing point..:)

1) Udupi Garden Signal, BTM, 6.00am
2) Silk Board WIPRO Office 6.10am
3) Koramangala Sony World Signal 6.30am
4) Domlur Flyover(BarbeQue Nation) 7.00am
5) Indiranagar Signal (KFC) 7.15am
6) The Milenia (Ex Philips Offc) Ulsoor 7.35am
7) FunWorld Gates, Jayamahal Extension 8.15am
8) Mekhri Circle 8.30am
9) Yeshwantpura Cirle (Via IISC) 8.45am
10) A ‘V’ Turn towards Majestic
11) AnandRao Circle (Via Maleshwrm) 9.30am ( We maintained the timing till this point. Waited for Iggy to join and continued as per planned timings)
Stop at an idly-joint for a snack near Corporation ( but did not had snacks, had Venky’s tea and other bakery items before itself )
12) IIMB Bannerghatta Rd (Via Jayanagar 4th block )11.00am

It was a bit tiring, full of fun, a bit of risk and a completely different experience. Thank God I am fine .. 🙂

Tomorrow a surprise biking to Friends home 🙂

Spice of Day : Our MD SS and his wife praised Biking to office , sportsmen they are really 🙂


  1. Hehehehe….naya josh hai….lage raho india…. 😛

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