Posted by: Prem Piyush | September 14, 2008

Fake Smiles

They have started commenting about the change.  They want to see me happy , smiling , and passion full of everything like these days.. but am I, in fact ?

Where I am happy really – they never wish to go into those terrains. Anyway let the place of solace be silent without intrusion.

But  what an illusion they see, it just surprises me. Ha ha ha.. to laugh I make the wide mouth, teeth brightening.. eyes smaller and in all the tears dried in !!

Again I think, what makes I, the way they see, the award, reward and criticize that I get – make me – Me.

Its not a bad idea when you live for others. But where is I again. Lost ! Perhaps not, immersed in We.

Ha ha ha .. what a silly world I am part of and making it so…



  1. Listen the song……Main zindagi ka sath nibhata chala gaya…..

  2. No smile is more beautiful than the one that struggles through tears…………… so never let dry your eyes for making fake smiles….. If you want all these for creating an illusion impression on others then, you will be caged in it forever………

    Laugh aloud or smile wide when you are happy and cry when you are sad or in pain. This is a normal behavior of a normal human being.

  3. I love everything you have here……

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