Posted by: Prem Piyush | September 7, 2008

Freedom Again…

I bought a bicycle today !

I needed it for the freedom of my own, for the speed of my own, to explore the suburbs, to travel the long highways, for shopping and occasional office going :).

I wished to buy that for a long time. And for maintaining the health and my fitness regime – I did a crazy shopping today. Thanks Ma did not said anything when she knew the price of cycle 🙂 She said I have turned down a student of class 6 again.  I am same kinda happy when I got the red bicycle in class 6  on my birthday.

Its nice to ride a bicyle .. we call it a bike at our group


  1. hmmmm…………What’s the matter…. seems you are TOO conscious about your health and FITNESS…. Kya koi khasam-khas baat hai 😉

    Anyway, congratulation and wish you all the best for the mission 🙂

  2. Mubarak ho mubarak ho mubarak ho….dibiya dikha dena aap warna kisi ki nazar lagegi aur gayab ho jayegi 😉

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