Posted by: Prem Piyush | August 4, 2008


If some one really needs me, but my conscience does not allow to do so after repeated struggle between the heart and mind – I feel pitiable helpless !  I do understand that my small help will matter a ton to him and I wish to help him out.  And my conscience tells that without that small help, things are bound to go wrong.

My sixth sense, the kid inside, never went wrong in such contexts ! Consequently, the kid’s heart over took mind and I was determined to help him out of situation.

I slept determined for the morning to come, when I will say  – I am here – tell me what you need.  I slept – and the night did not allowed to go the morning as determined.  I saw the dream – the repeated dream – of restless mind –  I was shocked to see the repeatability of dream. The feared dream – that became true in past, again resurfaced to the eyes. I woke up as I believe in my dreams – they give me many a answers before itself. The kid in the man feared after the dream.

Till next morning I could not sleep properly – the humanity not died exactly to give a place to devil – but it turned as numb helpless and knowing well the things are going wrong.

Still I wish things must not go the wrong way – as my eyes can see clearly.  May God help the person some other way – as I am unable to help myself .



  1. Happy friendship day!

  2. Hope God will help your friend and you in the way that satisfy both of you. Amen!

  3. Bhai, why do you have to write in such cryptic ways?

  4. @Rewa,
    Happy friendship day to you too.. each day we can celebrate it na..

    @ Juneli,
    May God help the person – only that way I will feel the strength.

    @ Prashant,

    Thanks Bhai for your first comment on my blog and standing by.. I wish I could learn from you, and do the same for the person intended here.

  5. I hope this person might be out of trouble by now. Your good efforts, wishes, intentions and his own efforts have borne fruits.

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