Posted by: Prem Piyush | July 25, 2008

The serial Bomb blasts in Bangalore – Need to be alert

The serial Bomb blasts in Bangalore rocked the peaceful city today 25 July. The 7 bombs were of low intensity,  said to be blasted at interval of 15 mins, rocked the security system of Bangalore. The relatively cool Friday afternoon, altered the mental peace of hundreds of corporate workers, and the peace loving citizens. Whoever may be behind such heinous crime, these made a scar on the heart of Garden city.

Few days back, when we used to see high security of ISKCON temple, we used to wonder – why God needs so much of protection.  Though ISKCON is totally safe in today’s incident and nothing happend to that.  But we need think, as there are psychos roaming around, a small hit of a small stone on head matters. Thus the level of alertness must be increased to protect the city  – hence ourselves. There is also need to be normal in our daily lives and keep such peace breaker agents neglecting.



  1. Hi… hope all is well with you…

  2. Hamse na dekha jaye barbadiyon ka shama
    ujadi hui basti mein ye tadap rahe insaan……

    Naadan hein hum to malik, kyun di humein ye saza
    Yahan aai sabhi ke dil mein, nafrat ka zaher bhara

  3. After the Banglore in Ahmedabad…….. 😦

    Seems the terrorist wants to rule the world through terror………… But it does not stop to life move ahead…….. Life keep going as long as there is a mall ray of hope, happiness, love, and peace.

    Hope God will give some sad-buddhi to the terrorist.

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