Posted by: Prem Piyush | July 17, 2008

Tribute to Olive Riley – World’s oldest blogger

My Tribute to World’s Oldest blogger. OLIVE RILEY.  Her original blog is  She just inspires us to keep blogging…

To Olive
Nothing remained.
Your body buried down.
So your fingers,
Played on keyboard.
Deep into the earth.
The sound is lost in the air.
The sweat and tears,
Of yours,
Tastes nothing..

But you are alive,
In words, Images,
Beyond the body,
Beyond the boundary,
Of nations,
As memories,
In the mind of readers.

You –
The someone,
Who waited for comments.
Will not await.
But the memories,
Words, and feelings,
– We did shared ,
That we do carry.
We will carry.
And the journey
Will go on.. go on…..
Go on…
Till we all meet
There in stars….




  1. My tribute to her too. She, definitely inspiration for us too……

    I learned from her that the age is not a bar for anything as long as we are willing to do something. As there is a saying – Jahan jago wahin savera………. Everyday is a new day of our lives and it comes with new hopes, ideas, dreams….

    Of course we are not celebrities and known by many people but it’s enough to be known and loved by few those who are our nears and dears as they counts a lot. And life goes on and one day it is lost but the words, thought, love, care, feelings etc. we leave behind remain there as memories with others forever………….. That’s really matter and this shuold be purpose of our life…. Leave something good behind us……………..

    Here I recalled my ever fav song by Lata Di – “Rahe na rahe hum maheka karenge, banke kali banke saba baag-e-wafa mein……………” it’s very true.

  2. Thanks a lot for letting us know about her and her blog.

    I almost forgot to write about the poem. It’s really a very good and touchy poem. I’m inspired and hope everyone who read this also inspires. Keep it up.

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