Posted by: Prem Piyush | June 10, 2008

Life’s Changing Tunes – 4

During the govt job, first thing I bought was a laptop computer. In govt office, though there were good computers for work ( at my office only) , carrying a laptop was exclusively style display. But I needed that for my specific set of hardware and software combinations, that was not possible in office systems. And the laptop I bought with hard earned salary and with support from Ma , is too dear to me. While I bought that, that laptop was packed in a TV kinda size box. I carried that laptop box on my legs. I did not wanted to give a jerk on that. Now I feel to cry, when I see at airports, the laptop bags keep rolling during/after security check ups.

I did small puja of laptop at home. But before that one intresting episode here. My younger sister , Pinky was most eager to see the laptop. I entered the house around 8 pm in night. She was away. I took out laptop from the box and kept the laptop in other room to play a gimmick with her. The box I kept in Ma’s room. She came in house and after seeing laptop big box, she said first to put that in Puja room. I said – “not necessary”. She wanted to put some traditional values in me 🙂 She picked up the box without checking the laptop inside and kept in Puja room. She then did small puja and said to open that. There was nothing, as I had already taken laptop out. She was about to cry – why did I took the laptop before and also did not told her in time. 🙂 Anyway being younger, she did not beat me up 🙂

Anyway laptop of my own, year 2004. I had to carry that to office. I did not had motorcycle. Only other  conveyance for the small town was bicycle or rickshaw. Carrying a laptop on bicycle and returning home late night was not safe. I changed the bag of laptop. I used a general office big bag, laptop embedded inside. Kisi ki buri najar na lage. I used to carry laptop on bicycle.  At office for visitors – it was piece of ajooba.  As I was ‘sir’ for the visitors – they did not mingled with me to see the piece.  Somedays, when it was really late, I used to keep the laptop in office only. 


  1. Hmmm….. )
    wish to read all the different tunes of the various episode from village to metro! Not for fun but to inspire those navodaya children who thinks that geting into IIT is everything in life! So please keep writing….

    Anyway being younger, she did not beat me up – Bade hone ka jyada guman mat kijiye 😛 Just kidding.

    By the way, cycling karna mujhe bhi kafi pasand hai….but ab practice chut gayi hai 😦

  2. reading your post I recalled Sri of Judai. I know you would ask what’s the matter – just watch the film Judai ….he he he….

    Joke apart…. See what an attachement with first thing 🙂

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