Posted by: Prem Piyush | June 3, 2008

Life’s Changing Tunes – 3

A Bagful of books, and a suitcase of cloths and laptop embedded in that. I got down the AC III tier. As the train was entering the Bangalore, I was looking towards the building – may In some of these houses, I can stay. I saw hundreds going to their duties – may I also go like them. Leaving the govt. job that too of home town was not an easy decision. But I had taken that.

And I was staying in the paying guest. I had to prepare for the Job market ! I had to sell myself, my personality, my knowledge. Who will recognise them ? Will some one worth ? But to the field, I had to dedicate was a tough task for me. For few days I came to cybercafe regularly .After that took the decision of taking a broadband at home itself. As internet was the only vehicle – that was the root of my career and search for career. Month passed on – there was nothing new to said to be home. I Bought my first mobile, other wise at home town there it was not needed. By the time, I had choose out my field of specialization. Now I had to present myself.

I send my resume to my friends for cross verification. They seemed getting irritated. I needed confidence with a good resume. Good resume means – how the best way – we represent ourselves. I took professional help. From Delhi the lady helped me to make my resume good.

In the meantime, I prepared my fundamentals strong and prepared with my last work experiences. i put my resume to the job sites. Within 3 days, the call started coming. Ranging from HP, IBM, Mindtree, Kolkata Chennai and Pune. I had wide options of opportunities. I went for interviews. The frequency need to be matched and each others expectations. I appeared for walk ins.

And within 15 days I got the job. And I had my own tag to hang, that was not there in govt job. I had money, more than expected. I had designation, and I landed with satisfaction – for step 1.


  1. an autobiography… 🙂 you left a govt job to take one in the corporate world… not many do that…

    how was the experience with interviews?

  2. So thus you have settled in the Banglore :).

  3. next plz?

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