Posted by: Prem Piyush | June 3, 2008

Kiss of Red Skins

I should not have written all these – but today I can’t help myself , its all unbearable – and I have to write all these !

In day time mostly, I see her along with her friends. Their thin waist and sharp features are remarkable.Their disciplined walk along the same road, I do really admire. Their walk seems, they are walking on ramp. Should I mention about their pink- red skin. Above all, her and her friend’s hard work everybody praises in our locality.

On our personal interactions, she always used to praise my cooking – And many a times, she used to sneak into my kitchen. It was great, when she used to come alone. But when she used to came along with her brother and her niece and nephew’s friends, I really did not liked that. One day she came along with her parents ! Anyway I do like to make adjustment and maintain a private territory many a times.

Everything was going right. Neither she, nor I had any complaints against each other. Beauty is to see, not to touch, Beauty is to touch not to destroy…

Day before yesterday, I was ready to go to office. Just I left the house, near to gate- she kissed me. It was too much in the hot season of May.

It all happened just before I started for office.Yeah she kissed me on my chest. I came back in the house again along with her. Her kiss was hot. I took out my shirt. But it was still unbearable. Why she did so ! I picked her hands and moved her away. Thanks that she did not kissed me on the main road. I like to forgive many a times, as well as I wanted to forget everything.

In night I slept. She was there near to me ! Near to my pillow. I got up feeling her touch. How she came there, I could not believe in dark !

I switched on the light. She was there along with one dozen friends. Her demand of Cookies and Chocolates and all my affection I can meet, but her presence along with all her friends is now unacceptable. Seems, what a sweet person I am !

I am tired of these little lovely ladies, though they are very hard workers and innocent too, but I am tired of these omnipresent creatures – the small red ants.

Though I keep my house clean like any other Bengali house. But now, their intrusion in my territory is unacceptable. Because apart from kitchen and book selves, they are present in bed cushion, shirts, computer speakers, keyboard, and believe it or not inside one of the computer hard disk !


  1. LOL…. i thought there was a catch here…. how do you plan to send them away???

  2. 🙂

    Tumi Bengoli and Bengoli people mishti jyada khatei hain issi liye they love your kitchen. Not only kitchen but you too so she kissed you :P.

    Shukra karo ki black beauty ne kiss nahin kiya 😀

    Waise your post reminded me one incident that too many red skins climbed on my feet who were sleeping in the slippers. Don’t ask what happened about that 😛

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