Posted by: Prem Piyush | May 31, 2008


I do think,
How you may look,
How do you write,
How do you talk,
How do you walk,
How do you smile ?
And when you are sad,
How do you cry ?

I stop thinking,
Why did I think –
That you do ever cry.
Did I want to see you cry?
No – but I know.
Yeah I know, you do cry,
Alone in dark, sometimes.

Some times –
I think –
Are you crazy,
Just like me,
Less or more.

Sometimes –
I do imagine –
Do you think,
The Same –
Sometimes !



  1. The poem has feelings as like in the song “Mere khwabon mein jo aaye, aake mujhe chhed jaye, usse kaho mere samne toh aaye….” 🙂

    Lagta hai matrimonial mein profile dalne ka response aane lage :P. Chale khush khabar jaldi hi milne wali hai…. hum sab intezaar kar rahein hai dawat udane ke liye 😀

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