Posted by: Prem Piyush | May 23, 2008

The man in me

Many a times in life, you think I will never do that. Or may that chance never comes in life. But you have to do. And all these happens, especially when you are man ! The male ego !

But the life has its own moves, own rhythm, own game. Things happen in such a way that, you never expect them to happen. Or you get something that you never expected.Anyway loved the game of life as it goes on.

And I had to put my profile in a matrimonial site, keeping my man aside. Feels I am relaxed. I guess the winning or losing does not matter much, most important is to play.



  1. I’m wondering what of the requirements you have mentioned in your matrimonial profile :P. You know why I’m wondering, I don’t remember the title of the post but once you have written a post on the classified advertisement of the matrimonial :).

    BTW, a nice picture in the header :). Jaise pholu mein deeye jagmaga rahe hai tumhari jeevan main bhi aise hi jagmagahat aaye. Wish you all the best.

  2. Hmmm…badhiyan hai. Are haan add yahan blog per bhi daal dijiye. Meri ek frend aapka matrimonial wala id mang rahi thee, jara id bataiyega….pw bhi dena ho to de sakte hein, kyunki agar use aapka profile pasnd nahi aayega to wo aapka profile modify karne ke jagah delete kar degi…. 😛

    Hehehe…. ab jyada khush mat hoiyega bandi ke name per 😆

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