Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 5, 2008

Life’s Changing Tunes – 2

And one day I was waiting for my turn to come for Project viva, in Vikash Bhawan, Kolkata. There were others friends of mine. We talked about the projects, next job prospects and so.

My turn came for interview. After the formalities, the evaluator said me to pick up my project from a pile of projects. ( Later I knew only that evaluator did so, others were specifically seeing the projects and calling the candidates) . I went down with my poor spirit. So hard worked project, not seen specifically. He asked introduction of project, and some code related things. I answered them to my satisfaction.

His face did not reflect the “happiness” – so do I could not reflect that back. But I guessed at worst , first class I will get. The project guide little knew that the small project was running as live on internet. And from hard got money from Ma I did that.

I came back to home, in a mood to return back to Bangalore, where I did my project. Though that was planned earlier too. I had some days before I could wait for project results and final degree. I went to relatives house, to say them bye – as from then I will not have comfort of timing. I did spent a full week at Nani’s place. Where I did corrected the Nani’s phone as well as the telephone connections of village, as one tree had fallen down on thick telephone cable to disconnect the village with outer world. They still know me as Telephone Engineer. Ha ..ha..

The social work was done. Enjoyed fish-curry and rice cooked by Nani and after some days went to Kadwa, and spent days again. I was better satisfied with the village environment compared to Hi-fi Bangalore. Not sure about what I will do in Bangalore in software industry, I did not bothered too. But there were some kind of inferiority complex , my few friends were working in companies.

Work for company.. the word itself make me feel as labour class. I thought, may if I get a govt job thats better. I had applied for a govt job too. But I knew very well. Bihar – job and honesty does not remain together. Whether you want to join a job or be in the job. So I was sure that as I had to go Bangalore for a job, may be thats a high labour class job…..



  1. Life is full of choices and its nothing if we dont find interesting tunes and full of changes. Haan, that beautiful tunes may be full of sorrows and joy, but it must there!

    Rahi chalte jana re….. 🙂

  2. Your post made me lost in my thoughts, a monotonous tune in a life would make it dull.

    Sadly, I do not agree to your view on Bihar – Honesty issue. An honest person is honest everywhere, he/she don’t need a particular place for virtues. Secondly, more and more Sadhus are required at such places.

    Thirdly, who can guarantee that dishonest people are not in places like Banglore or such cities of white coloreds?

  3. So these are the diary kinda posts you mentioned. 🙂

    I agree on Praney’s views about honesty and honest people. As it comes from the within but it’s not related with the places or the economical conditions or the social status of a person.

    It reminded me an article I read last month in the book Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murty. I was thinking to write about the book…. it’s still due :(…. Hopefully I would be able to do very soon.

  4. Its really unfortunate. Poverty is the main culprit. Once the Chinese traveller had praise for the people of Bihar, its the same place but in a different era.
    I am confident Bihar will change for the better. Bihar is the only place in India that I personally feel safe.

  5. @ Shalini, you mean ‘Swachand Vihar’ 🙂

  6. knock knock….koi hai?? 😉

  7. You are not only a fine man…you are a really nice poet….there are not many people writing good poems in Hindi man….you seem to be the source of hope in this despair….Good luck..and carry on….Best wishes

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