Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 29, 2008

Especially Only Today !

Notice : Next year on the same date, I am going to distribute all my property (!!) to my friends !

Most probably, neither I will die nor you, but we may plan to meet next year on same day, as I am planning to do so .

Many Many Many Many ( 4 times) Happy Birthday to the persons – who are born today. They do save the money of birthday celebrations, and increase the number of 4 candles at once and jump 4 years today.

Round the year we can celebrate –
Happy friendship day ( As every day is new in friendship)
Happy birthday( Every new morning we do feel born )
Happy Valentine Day ( Every moment we love someone)
Happy All Day…..

But today is such a day that it must be celebrated today only because it it comes only after 4 years. So I wish you, Happy Leap (year) Day.. 🙂

But why does these leap years occur ? Read more for answers…

On the personal front, one secret revelation is, Wish If I can get married today anyhow !! Surprised – because I might not needed to keep in memory the marriage anniversary date every year and hear her complains that I forget all days 🙂 At least after 4 years, I could have gifted her a diamond necklace after accumulating money in my gift budget for the four years 🙂



  1. Notice : Next year on the same date, I am going to distribute all my property (!!) to my friends !

    hehehehe…..Ulloo kisi aur ko banaiye sirji! aap sabhi ko sach kyun nahi bata rahe ho? I mean ki property kahan se churai hai jise next yr baatne ki baat kar rahe ho 😛 Aap sher to aapki junior sawa sher…. :lOl:

  2. Ab aap chori chupe mera comment bhi mat delete kar dena…janta ko baksh do aur फरवरी फूल mat banaiye 😛

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