Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 23, 2008

400 Runs of the blog

400th post and there is something to write.

You Run It. “You” meant – the readers – inspirations and everyone around. Here to be specific – you used to be some person – who reads me – otherwise the writings were just meaningless. The calendar kept changing the pages so do grew up my blog interaction. I am writing many of my specific interactions with different blogs, without naming the blog or blogger. The concerned blogger will find, where he / she is. Each Para is dedicated to specific blogger almost chronological order.

She is ground to earth in real life but do appear proud in blog world. Her earlier writing used to be mask free but later on – the mask, she put in her writings – I did not liked. But as she had been my first blog inspiration. I used to thought three years back – if I put comment on her blog – may she will add in her blog roll. But today I think what a stupid I was ( Still I am ) :).

One afternoon, I saw one notice on the blog – as for some personal reason – she is going to delete the blog. Without a second thought – I started saving her pages – one page – two pages – three page. Next I thought to save the comments too. Within 2 minutes – she had done – the worst thing in blog world – she had deleted the blog .It was a blogspot blog. The blog name was free to use or misuse.

I acquired the same url at the same moment. And I re-published the poems and the stories. She read and tried to find out – who put them back. I said to her. A blog friend – whom I found on Orkut later. The writings are still there without her identity.

I was on no one’s blogroll. What to do ! Add some persons’ name on blogroll and kept commenting on their blog – may one day they may add you up. So he was a Pune’s software engineer – in my blog roll and after some days I was on his. The poem collection of his is still nice ones. He will chew his Lucknowi paan and spit smartly on the politicians and anything wrong around.

When feelings just flow down the body, mind and soul – her fingers play with the keyboard. And for her – writing is the only thing – she finds solace. It was her series on mother that caught my attention. Her writings are unique, that you rarely find in the blogs. I do simply adore her respect for cultural values and human relationship. Though she don’t know many of the things, she is full of “whys” – but the interesting fact is she will be available to give lectures on any topic. Anyway, years together, we became the blog friends forever.

She said me – Please start a blog for me. I made not just one – but three with so many templates. She started them but later deleted one good one – that pained me more than her, as wordpress blogs are not recoverable. But I knew – once she will start blogging – she will have a strong network – and I was not wrong. She found her platform through blogging and express herself more freely.

I wanted to make friendship with him – as he was from IIM Bangalore – a carefree blogger. I wanted one chance to get nearer. One day he was seeking help for logo designing – I extended my help. And he now in a very good positioned executive. When I reached Bangalore – I gave him a call – and he replied “Haan haan yaad hai Prem Piyush blog wale !” I was happily surprised.

He is the icon of Hindi blogging and Bangla blogging, extremely helpful person. Even for a small help – he used to be always in front. No doubt – he was again helpful when I asked for help for my Geetanjali translation. He not directly but gave me a link of another blogger – who really helped me.

Once the blog was just dead, I little knew what to write, no themes to write. Little did I knew there are readers without identity. And inspiring lines vibrated – “When you think there are readers around – your natural expression is gone.” And to my right or wrong – came up the whole spectra of poems and stories. Though she is not a frequent blogger, but I will not be surprised when one day there will be her writings in international journals and magazines.

I did found a motherly figure, which has sufferings written like many of the mothers. The glass ceiling struggle sometimes shows there too. She guides to stand up and inspire to move on despite the odds of life – which keeps inspiring you too. Many a times they seem just the lectures – but when we pass through same situations of life – ‘ the experiences’ seems true which seemed ‘lectures’ once upon.

Though she was in known blog circle, but she came late in my linkage. But I initiated with the comments – as she turned out be a painter, poetess, story teller, photographer and something more. She walked along the sun though even facing the fierce sun rays. She promises to be good regular blogger but she only knows, how regular she is ! 🙂

She writes her cooking skils, her normal tit-bits of life. Thats good enough to read. But when I needed help for authentic verification of some Tagore literature known person – she did seek helps of her uncle. And she sent me the corrections and suggestion of my Geetanjali blog. Not many such persons you find around. The extensive travel experience of hers are clear in her writings – that makes her writings interesting.

There was this person, whom I saw evolving a poet because of his love to her Rupsee, and also the person, who is modern in thought and at the same time with his roots deeply routed to the Indian culture and world literature. A person – who will do blogging for a long time, its really nice to feel close to such dedicated persons with poetic talents hidden.

To her I called firebrand writer, but she claimed back that she is a poet at heart. Her writing seeks freedom from political dirt, idiosyncrasy, and fake masks of life. Who is nature loving and bold enough to say straight. She is a bit lazy writer but comes up always with some kind of volcano.

He was again a chain link from one blog to another blog. In his “English words” – in almost each poem of his – forces me to consult the dictionary. The guy – whose blog used to convey – some different way of logical thinking – changed the way I think.

She put her first comment in blog world – in my blog – willingness to write in Hindi. I could not help her at the time. But she found her own way out – today with her own website – she is dedicated to writing poems. She is a grown up kid – for whom I became a E-teacher. A budding poetess – who just dreams that one day her ghazals will be sung by famous voices. I wish her lots of luck.

She is the daughter of renowned poet. In real life , she is like younger sister of Lata di. Her carefree writing about almost everything seems – she is young writer in her 20’s. Though she is a motherly figure but I said her that I will call her by name without any ji. And she replied me personally happily. She uses smiley’s carelessly – as she claims – that helps her to express well 🙂 🙂 . ( I guess Man / Woman never grow up – I have found my mother / father many a times – like a kid girl / boy. )

In these years – on others blog, apart from enjoying, learning and getting inspirations, I saw deleting blogs, deleting posts, and modifying comments, and on my side there were other poems and paintings that I could never publish. My blogroll exist in my memory and assist me online is, my Google Reader, which says me when, where, what is published without delay.

The only thing in the blogworld that makes me happy (and may be you too) is – to find a new post on a blog – which gives a sense of satisfaction after finding that, the blogger exists with possible human feelings !

Thanks Everyone Being Around ! 🙂 I will be Running again …



  1. Mubarak ho 400 ke liye….waise #4 hamesha achha hota hai…..kabhi try karke dekhna aap. 😉

    I still feel the pain of my 1st blog which I had deleted withouht giving single thought. Anyway, life mei sab chalta hai! Rahi chalte jana re…..

  2. 🙂

  3. Cong8s
    thanks for posting all the meaningfull post.
    thanks for one more thing … u know that
    waise insaaare blogger ke naam aur URL bhi hote ho aur acha lagta…….. pad kar unke blog padne ka man kar rha hai
    plz sab blog ke URL ko add kariyega is post mein.
    keep writing keep posting keep running…….

    with regards

  4. Congrats… 🙂 400 posts is a huge achievemnt!

    Errrrr…. am I the supposedly regular one in your descriptions?

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