Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 6, 2008

Title = :)

A false smile,
That’s all I need –
In real life.

Over internet,
I put a smiley –
Not a smile,
That’s done !
Over phone,
I can laugh aloud,
There also its done.

But when you see
My face,
In real life,
Its sad,
As I cried last night.

A genuine smile
Is difficult for me.
Because I am not,
In a position to,
Throw a smile,
Right now.

I need a smile,
Even its fake.

The pains,
The tears,
The fears of –
Dying while living.
Kills me.

I try hard,
To stretch my lips wide.
But eyes don’t help them.
Last night,
I tried to smile,
In front of mirror,
I looked like a clown.
Or may be an insane.

My face,
Everyone says,
Today –
Have lost the smiles,
Its looks dull,
Sad and gloomy.

My face –
Is genuine.
The sadness –
Everyone reads.
They complain-
The missing smile.
The pains –
Only my dear ones feels.

May like many others,
I can put a smile
On my face
Fake one,
Like many other,
Who can show up,
After all the odds,
A smile anytime –
A borrowed type.
And show off,
Well polished tooth,
The painted lips,
Smile smelling like perfume.

I too need a –
A fake smile.

Yeah, I need a smile,
Even its fake,
Because people
Do return back,
It instantly.
And that may help me,
To relive.

🙂 😀

Ha ha… ho ho .. hi hi … he he..

P.S : No more tears… This is 398th post on the blog. Next coming some 🙂 posts to mark 400 th post of this blog.



  1. Really a touching topic with touching words. We all have forgotten the way of genuine smile & laugh.

    Our lives have indeed become Fake.

    And advance congrats on your 4th ton.

  2. Hmmm….rote hue aate hein sab hansta hua jo jayega wo muqaddar ka sikandar kehlayega….!

    And for last haha hihi huhu ke liye…
    By the way….Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho kya gam hai jisko chhupa rahe ho…… 🙂

  3. I’m feeling 😦 reading this poem

    Why everywhere the same sad kinda post 😦

  4. While reading this poem I was afraid throughout but your ha ha ha convinced me that everything is ok. This is a scary poem but reflects the sad reality of our times.

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