Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 23, 2008

Thanks Today

Though there are so many things can be written for today. But two small episodes, I wish to put here.

Today I got up at 5 AM. Wah wah !

While returning from temple, I called Ma. Picking the phone, she showered her blessings.
“Ma I wanted to call you in very morning itself, but I thought you may be sleeping ( though she is an (too) early riser, but I thought, may she was sleeping). “

“No I got up early today, its the morning, when you came to house…” she was telling.
“By this time, you had arrived…….Whats time now ?” she asked to confirm something.
“9:43” – I replied after seeing the time in mobile.
“No, not now, you was still in my womb, by this time…the pains started..” – she corrected her memory.

And that Friday, after her half finished Santoshi Ma Puja ( the katha was later completed by Baba ) , I was born.

A thin baby boy with a relatively bigger head. There were little muscles on my body, but bones were strong (she believed). Seeing my big head, the other colony kids used to make fun of me as “Coconut Head” that time. Later it became a normal head . Proof : my photos 🙂 . When I do feel hungry and make tantrums, she says, even as infant I used to get hungry in the very dark mornings and disturb her (already half) sleeps and make her wake up 🙂 .

And today grown with the parental care, as a complete man, I do pray my parents today.


While I returned from Iskcon after performing puja, I bought the Temple sweets to distribute among my colleagues. Four packs, I opened in the our team room itself. Seeing the variety of sweets in all four packets, almost everyone felt tempted to taste more types. Nothing wrong, I wished let people taste more type of temple sweets, so did I bought the variety. Neither I tasted a single nor I felt to pick one, while distributing.

Everyone enjoyed the sweets and they asked from where I bought. From the jollying crowd, the design guy ‘K’ , said – “Prem sir, you have half of this sweet and extended his hand towards my me, which held the half sweet in his four fingers. It was as if, while I used to give the first cake of piece to Ma, and she will bite the pie and will offer me back. This particular guy, I have requested and sweetly scolded many a times, not to call me Sir – as my personal preference. But some persons are really different, but because of their small gestures they become your favs.


  1. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day…………….

    As you know I never use “belated” in Happy Birthday as I take everyday as a Birthday.

    hummmm so you had a big head. You know what, it is said that the person who has a big head is a very talented and genius person.

    So you distributed sweets to your friends but where is my share?????

    ISKCON sweets are really very tasty and delicious (I had once when they have had a programme here in our office. They cooked by themselves.) Might it is made with love and devotion by the devotees.

    Really a touchy and emotional Birthday Post.

    Wishing you Happy Birthday once again. 🙂

  2. Hmmm….365 din mein 1 din 5AM uthne se yahi hota hai…jore se bolte hen log WAH WAH WAH! hihihihi :p 😉

  3. 😛

  4. Sorry I am late, but never mind that and accept my wishes.

    May Shri Prabhu keep watching you always.



    i m soooooooooo late….

    may god bless you 🙂

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