Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 10, 2007

My Two Faces

I have two faces.
One over another.

Inner one, I do hide.
Outer you all do see,

The inner one is colorless.
The outer face is colorful,

“Go and say them Hi”
The inner face says.

“Wait, they may not reply”
The outer face warns.

“Write them, and say I care”
The inner face says.

“What if, they will scold you?”
The outer face warns.

“Go and embrace them”
The inner face says.

“They are not your blood”
The outer tells the inner.

“At least you can greet them” masks.gif
The inner face says.

“Why should you do?”
The outer face keeps mum.

“I do write poem.”
Inner face said.

“I too write fictions”
The outer face exclaimed.

Then Inner face shouts on outer –
“You- are cruel ,
Soulless and blunt.
You look good,
But you are bad
And I hate you”

My outer face says to inner-
“You may hate me
Forget not –
I kept you safe,
You are delicate,
Tell me –
Who understood you.
Better than Me”

They kept silent,
For a while.
After sometime,
They fought again –



  1. Original and Unanimous Thoughts

  2. beautifull…
    very good poem 🙂

  3. This one is really good!

  4. Kewl, I think we all have two faces but some have countless.

    Nice Poem, Idea.

  5. just awesome

  6. So, its a fight of Mann and Mastisk or Dil and Deemag and it happens with everyone and it remains with an ordinary people like us forever. The life of a person would be successful who can win over such fights. Not a complete victory but still we can get a partly if we listen to our inner voice which is called “Dil Awaz.” Hope God will help you to listen your innerself. God bless you.

    A nice poem indeed.

  7. awesome…

    I read each line n my inner face was smiling ….,,
    Besides my outer face was full of shame …

    Very Very true!!

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