Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 28, 2007

Walk alone – Just alone

Udupi Beach
Its difficult to walk alone,
Its tiring to tread alone,
Paining the bones to climb alone.

And I learn to walk alone,
Weep now in the open,
Laugh aloud in the barren,
Draw the hut on the sand.

Because I heard them shouting,
Some giving a word of courage,
And few admiring my steps,
And the voice united announced –

“None of us can come along –
When you will depart alone.
Learn it, it will give less pain.
Walk alone – Just alone.”



  1. Very creative writting.

  2. Did you compose these words yourself. Very good..

  3. Ekla Chalo Re.

    Pretty good.

  4. Navodaya mei ek gana gate the ham……bengoli ko hindi version mei…..”Teri aawaz per koi na aaye to fir chal akela re….”

  5. hummmmm

    but WHY the words and the image have a conflict……….

    Here I recall the beautiful song “Chal akela chal akela, tera mela piche chuta rahi chal akela………….” of film Sambandh, by Mukesh.

    Anyway, a nice poem saying a message………..

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