Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 14, 2007

For your eyes only – 7

Whenever I go to my small town, in everything I internally do comparison and contrast between the metro of Bangalooru and district town Kishanganj. Say, I do that for almost everything not for discussion but think a lot, what makes two places different.

On Puja occasions, we do see fair (mela) type scene, which meant a lot for us in childhood, but now a days from there not many things that we need to buy. In childhood, a small piggy-bank ‘gullak’ meant a lot, when purchased from the mela-vendor. On the edible side, still Puchkas and Jalebi’s I can’t resist to buy and now we do look for hygienic vendors. Pity, this time only 50 Puchka (Golgappas) I did gulped, because my brother-in-law did not give me company for long :p

Balooooooons 🙂 ( I still do buy some, just to hang on door 🙂

Churiyan (Bangles) – Oriental woman’s love…

Mina Bazaar – ( What a contrast to metro designer showrooms : no mannequins, neon lamps and brand names here and its the lifeline of Majority of Indian )

Wow so cheap ! Chat Rs. 5/- , Samosa 2/-

Mud pots and toys

A young man selling artificial flowers ( Now globally people can see his flowers 🙂 ) ( Look behind there is written on wall “Chhatra Sakti( Student Power) – What a contrast !!



  1. Good Blog.

    Do spread the good news about Bihar –

    It would be great if you could post this on your site


  2. I am so happy to see these images. It reminds me of the places I used to visit when I was small. I remember eating chat for a few rupees, it tasted a lot better than some of the posh places.
    Brilliant post.

  3. Doesnt these images reminds you of those happy days.

  4. Dear Prem, I have been reading your poems and articles for some time now. May i invite you to
    The place can do with someone of your intelligence.
    Best Wishes.

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