Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 10, 2007

Best Continental Breads

Dear, today you are away,
And I have to prepare breads four.

Really, tonight I am hungry,
Its past ten and minutes few more.

Let me try it today,
Earlier I knew it, its as duty of your.

As you told on phone,
I took the right quantity of flour.

In the flour, I tried to sprinkle water
But by mistake, I did poured More.

Its full sticky dear.
Ah! I have to add flour much more.

Thanks, you can’t see it,
Or your could have teased for sure.

With same love of palms.
Carefully I did knead the flour,

Now I have to flat them round,
But roller dances this way or around.

None bread turned as round,
No symmetry in them I did found.

While baking, they did stick on pan,
Bring a nonstick pan please, when you return.

My some bread looked India,
Some Australia, and Africa I did found.

These are continental breads dear,
Don’t shed the tears, if crazy do I sound.

Because today I can announce,
In your absence, world’s best chef I have found.

(Disclaimer : Poet is a bachelor 🙂 )



  1. Very creative Piyush. Well done.

  2. Really funny, but what is fictitious, poem or disclaimer ? 🙂 ( Because bachelors are supposed to be good chef )

  3. hahaha……….
    pad kar majja aagya….
    sir aapne wo sabjo banaya khaya to nhi…
    non-stick pan is dewali to le aayena…hahaha…
    tooooooooooo goooood poem……
    jitni funny hai utni touching bhi….

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