Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 4, 2007

For your eyes only – 5

The month of the October and excellent climate in our home town, with the festivity around. The air was full of zeal and new energy.

Puja means shopping. Our small town has only few shops of branded dresses. At those town shops, even not finding so many ranges of colors and fabrics, I prefer to buy one from those shops on Puja occasion. In those shops, with my Ma, there is nostalgic shopping experiences since last 30 years. Another fact is, I am not very good at choosing dresses for myself, whereas I can find good ones for others. Still today, from the exclusive showrooms in Bangalore, I myself, have not bought an exclusive shirt or pant. Or better say I am a bit careless towards my updated dressing sense. ( p.s. Myself kanjoos in fashion consciousness ! No. Have you bought the inaugural launch issue of Vogue in India- its really good one, worth buying 🙂 )

Anyway, next day of reaching home was Ashtami and the main puja started. Here are the snaps of Durga Puja, from my hometown Kishanganj located at the border of Bihar- Bengal. In the first snap is Pushpanjali at Durga bari, where you may find the purely traditional way of Puja. While uploading the photo – I was searching for the possible hand of my Ma, as she did Pushpanjali before me ! Wow I found her 🙂 The gold ring !

Puspanjali @ Durga Bari, Dey Market

Navami Sandhya Puja is going on @ Durga Bari, Dey Market

Durga Puja Pandal @ Manoranjan Club

A Closer Look @ Deity

या देवी सर्व भुतेषू शक्ति रुपेण संस्थिता…



  1. Durgo Pujo!!!!!!!!!!!
    My favourite time of the year…not just the fact that I get to shop like crazy….am allowed to buy so many new stuff….the festivities…laughter…happiness…it’s also the time to get close to Ma Durga…I feel such a comfort in looking at her idol.
    All in all…it stays with me throughout the year.A memory I cherish.

  2. Bengali Tone 🙂

    “Durgo Pujo” instead of “Durga Puja” with so many exclamations ! Good !!!!!!

    Yeah Durgo Pujo !!! Which has great preparations, great celebration and great memories.. and “the togetherness with family” – the best thing we do get.

    You wrote one thing – “….Am allowed to buy…. ” – you know thats the best shopping you are doing, its really best time you are doing this. Once you start earning, with your own money you will never have such craze.. Anyway enjoy being Crazy…:)

    Yeah Ma’s idol – yeah the idol does not remains just mud work – it looks divine, and seems blessing Us… To me, she seems talking with closed lips .

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