Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 3, 2007

For your eyes only – 4

Lets go through the villages, where I still find myself deeply rooted. Still I do die for the mud chulha cooked food, walking in sleepers on the village roads, and spending night in lantern within the absolute peace and of course plenty of oxygen.

Below are the photos of the nearby villages , from where I do actually belong. The snaps are taken from the train which must be running at speed not less than 80 km/hr. ( Click the snap for bigger view in album)

Electricity, Wireless, Rail, Greenery and a road connecting them

Lush Greenery After Monsoon

A village pond

Boiled paddy being dried

A village scene

Fields , bullock and farmers

Grazing lands ( There is a different story when the grazing cattle sneak into paddy fields 🙂 )

Paddy Fields ( our main crop after jute )

Jute Sticks



  1. These are great sets of images. Such a great country of ours. Such tranquility.

  2. Haan Shalini, Tranquility – the most appropriate word that we do use for these scenes. Yeah Sone ki Chiriya – Bharat Mata..

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