Posted by: Prem Piyush | October 31, 2007

For your eyes only – 2

When I checked in the airport, I was quite early but still relatively late. Reason was, I left for airport straight from office. I requested for the window side seat, but I got only the middle seat. Actually I wished to see sunset from window side. Anyway there was no choice left other than to sit in the middle of two persons.

Most of the time, I have found serious high flying co-travelers sitting nearby devoid of our common train and bus conversations. But this time there was a lady at window side, who was equally or more interested in the clouds than I was and on aisle side sitting a man, who was really friendly.

On the window side, when we did missed some of the bright white cotton clouds , I took out camera for the next possible shots. The lady helped to snap the pictures. I was on the right row. On the left row, some other ladies captured the colors of clouds during sunset . I do wish they too could see the pictures. Later on, when there was dark outside, to pass the time, the lady nearby was trying origami with tissue papers.

Life is a small journey with much smaller distances. These are the people, who know how to remain on ground, even while traveling high. In fact they make the journeys memorable. Here are some of the captured moments. (Click on the image for the bigger image)

Clouds at 35,000 Feet
Clouds at 35,000 feet

Colors of Clouds (Sunset)
Colors of Clouds (Sunset) – 1

Colors of Clouds (Sunset)
Colors of Clouds (Sunset) – 2

Origamy with tissue papers
Origamy with tissue papers (Boat, Fan, Lotus, Aeroplane and one tissue left with no idea 🙂


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