Posted by: Prem Piyush | September 12, 2007

In Her Own Thoughts

Past - Present - Future

In Her Own Thoughts ( Water Color ) – By Me


  1. Why the handprints?

  2. Through the brush strokes, I tried to signify indelible (sad) impressions left behind in her memory – when two hand wished to meet, but in fact they had just touched. Those impressions keep saying ‘no-no’ to her.

    And one day, in those imprints, she thinks of her hand in green- when the new man’s hand seemed to be in her fav color.

    p.s. : This imprint is through my novice artist’s eyes only :). My few friends, who saw it, interpreted them in a slightly different way.

  3. I am totally illiterate as far as art is concerned. But the soft colors, gentle lines and somewhat sad posture leaves a soothing but a bit sad impression on the observer. 🙂 Wow look at the hair. They look so natural a bit arranged, a bit messy…:-) And where the hair end there are no designer finishing. 🙂

  4. You ‘illiterate’ ! – I don’t think so after reading your comment. Believe me, I have felt that almost all person who loved poems, could draw or at least judge an art to an extent – its all about the eyes of heart.

    Yeah some efforts needed on her hairs too, that she loved like anything. Now I feel, I missed this detail in fact 😦

    Thanks for the valuable comments ! Keep coming… there are other paintings to be published….

  5. So she is the Anu in Pink top and Blue jeans :).

    Yeap she looks thoughtful because she is wondering why she didn’t get mail even she left her email ID.

    It’s been long she met him. See even the flower which she is holding in her hand also decayed. Is she holding the flower from the same bouquet. I think, without letting Akash to know, she has stolen one flower from the bouquet that day :).


  6. No!No! I was trying to say hair are looking so real and so natural. When we are not made up from head to toe, we all look like this. Is this a real person or imaginary. If real, she is very lucky. You have drawn her beautifully.

  7. @Juneli,
    Gurr…Mix match karke “the bouquet” se nayi story bana di. Anu never gave her complete email-id na 😦 May be Anu was Riya in Aakash’s departing imagination, who can’t meet ever.

    Thanks for analyzing the painting in a beautiful way.

    @ Alka,
    This painting is an imaginary one for the situation of an woman. She signifies many such ones.
    By the way, had she been a real model, I might needed to pay her for sitting idle for 4 hours :p. I would rather say luckier will be any artist – if he gets a real life creative inspiration.

    Thanks for appreciations.

  8. LOL :))

    What to do….. You have mentioned a girl (Anu) in Jeans in that story and in other story too. But the picture goes very perfectly with that character and the story.

    While thinking to comment that story popped up so I made another story 😉 but you have revealed it here gurrrrrrr kitkit

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