Posted by: Prem Piyush | September 11, 2007

Happy Father’s Day

My blog is full of Ma – you must have read. And to say you today, there has been a man with her, seeing her a successful woman.

He has been the world for my Ma. He has been like a constantly supporting pillar to her career dreams. He is one – when on marriage day alone inside a shop , he can’t decide which Saree will look good on ma , then he will bring home several pieces of sarees for Ma – and to irritate ( Impress ) her 😀 .

He is one, who will take just 10 minutes to get friendly with you, irrespective of background you come ! He is one – who can cook for the whole family – whenever needed and serve ! He is one – who does not like to waste a single food grain on plate. He is a walking calculator for numerical calculations ( I envy him :p ). But interesting thing is, he has been an accountant by profession but at home, he is dependent on his beloved – finance minister, my mom 🙂 .

He is one, who loves trees/plants too much and has grown a mini forest of teak trees at our backyard. He can spend hours together in the farm lands, where he has planted trees for his coming generations. You can’t cut even a small plant in front of him. He is one – who loves cows next to his mother.

He is one – who prefer to buy vegetables from the off-side sitting vendors, who sit with little vegetables. He is one – who will prefer stitched dresses over branded dresses at any cost. He is one – who does not like any kind of show off even a bit.

He has been always there – whenever we needed the strength and care. He is – who will just note down – which book I needed – and will buy that up from anywhere. He is one – who believe in his children like anything – (even if we did lie once in a while ) – he will never verify that. He has never kept us within any kind of boundaries.

Today he is one – who is my friend – and today, we both are living to fulfill each others wishes. He is one who took the generation forward to his best.

He is one – who says – “Be always like a tree – that bends down – when fruits are there.”

Baba, I don’t write much about you, because I know, I am just your reflection to the world. Today I wish, everything comes right in your way and may you see your dreams fulfilled.

Happy Father’s Day, Baba !!



  1. Was I hoping something in the page today 🙂

    As we have been reading a lot about your Ma only but this time I’m happy to read about your Baba. We can see lots of influence of your parents on you. The posts show it :)/

    Lovely and nice post.

    Happy Father’s Day to you All 😀

  2. You can hope so 🙂 Because Juneli inspires others for festivities 😀

    And the fact is this post was really much due to my Baba 🙂 . After writing it, I did realize, how much my blog missed Baba before !

  3. You are so lucky and such a proud son. When I SEE TODAY’S PARENTS I WANT TO CASTRATE SOME OF THEM, FOR AJEEB SE NAMOONE SOCIETY KO DENE KE LIYE. What a great man your father is.

  4. Welcome firebrand Arrr Poetess Alka to this blog after loooong time 🙂

    Right… I am lucky, and I wish to see him proud father.. Kabhi to hoga 😉

    I wish, some NAMOONE could read this comment of yours 😀

    Keep visiting…

  5. Am I namoona because I read her comment 😛

    Yes, we know that how much respect and feelings for your baba too 🙂

  6. Nope never ever… There is different category of such Namoonas – Social Cartoons 🙂

    You are a proud beti of ground to earth parents.

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