Posted by: Prem Piyush | August 26, 2007

Au Revoir

From the wilds,
Some winds,
Touch my cheeks,
Do flow cool.
Of eternity.
I have to move on.

Dear, I know,
Still its day,
Evening is far,
I could have,
Stayed here back,
For a while more.
But I have to walk.

Today I shall,
Move on – on.
With my this small
World and few buds,
In a basket,
And dear friends-
One or Few.

I have to move on,
Before evening sets in.
As without Sun,
I fear dark today.

I have fullfilled –
My promises
With all smiles
True and false.
I am putting,
My crown down,
With all gratitude,
– its my destiny.

Far away –
Though forest is dark,
And I see that green
Where tribals are unkempt,
Wet mud scents,
I do smell,
Wild birds twitter,
I do hear,
They need me,
More than you.

I shall dance,
There tomorrow,
Painted in muds,
Naked kids around.
Thats a world,
Wild, but beautiful.

There I will sing,
Another song and
I shall welcome,
You all there,
Carpet of dry leaves,
Wild flowers grow there,
Over the brown bark.

Don’t call me back,
I will not be here.

Time and tide,
Will not wait for me.
Breaking my silence –
Today I have to say,
– Adieu.



  1. This is sooo refreshing into my present moments . . . To now having to let the loved ones, remain happy . . .
    He leaves me tomorrow.

  2. Hi Karen,
    Its pleasing that at some corner of world, I was able to touch the chords a bit.

    Wishing all the best for Him and You.


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