Posted by: Prem Piyush | August 24, 2007



“Stairs” – (water color)
So its my first painting on the blog.



  1. Nice… I don’t hink this effect is achievable using any other medium but water colours…. but it would be interesting to see an acrylic / oil paint version of it….

    btw, whats the paper you’ve used? the texture adds a lot of class to the painting….

  2. Sunflower,

    Yeah ‘blocks of life’ seem carelessly intermingle like water colors only.

    Your imagination on other medium left me dreaming again :). Actually oil-paint, I had wanted to learn desparately.

    Nice observation of texture ! The painting is on the hand-made paper.

    Thanks a lot !

  3. Hi Bahiya…a nice painting indeed…but in the hindsight i will honestly comment about the other two paintings that they were anything but “near to success” in depicting the thoughts you had while painting them…turned out to be a cliche for a good painter..(may be i am too conservative)…i guess you are more of figurative or directional kind of painter and hence this block painting(i guess painted on heavy handmade paper) is true evincing of your painter persona…i liked it very much…..keep the abstract flow flowing !! cheers!!

  4. Shri,
    Your comments encouraged me to draw more on the themes around. Wish for more comments from you, that may help me revolve around success.

    Thanks a lot.

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