Posted by: Prem Piyush | August 19, 2007

Thousands of Thanks

Sending 25 thousands thanks to You. You have made 25,000 visits to this blog. Your consistency and encouragement motivated me to get a Nikon for capturing unexpressed moments in the stage of words. 

Flower Vase, Drawing Room, Bangalore 

Today, welcome all of you in my drawing room. This particular image will change periodically as per changing time and colors. I wish, I could put some more pictures frequently to express something worth thousands of words, when my literal words need them as companions.

Thanks once again.



  1. OMG!!

    So many visitors!!

    BTY, the flower vase and the flowers look awesome.

    You really have good taste of it also arranging the flowers.

    hmmmmm I have one suggestion, why don’t you get a class either for Bonsai or Ikebana (Japanese way of flower arranging. Hope that would be great interest for you.

    All the best :).

  2. Yeah the number mania in fact 🙂

    And most do come from search engines…. But the regulars, whether comment or not, make me feel that they have read it .. So Thanks again !!

    Bonsai I know but Ikebana ? – I searched net. Really a good thing 🙂

    But Ikebana classes ! Earlier one of friend was suggesting to take up cooking classes !

    Sab kya main hi sikhun 😛

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  3. To me it is necessary to find

  4. Dear Prem Bhaiya,

    Kabhi aao ped ki chhaon. . Me. . Ek rag chhedo.. Aur rang bikhero. . .

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