Posted by: Prem Piyush | August 1, 2007

When you call me.

Whatever I am here, and I do continue blogging just because of some encouragements that came time to time from various bloggers. Today, when I was told to read this post on me, I could not believe myself.

“लगता है बिसरा दिया है। चिट्ठा से सगाई लगता है तोड़ दी है।”

चिट्ठा is a word coined by us for blog in Hindi.

They are true. Once upon a time, I used to be active in Hindi Blogger’s Community. That time there was not even 100 blogs in Hindi. I was even I asked to work for Nirantar team, but connectivity of net was not cheap and smooth those days. And today I don’t read Hindi blogs much around and today I do hop around mostly the English blogs. Even the Hindi write-ups I did keep on this blog only.

And as a result, even today, when Anupji wrote a post on me, that too I did not read. I was informed by Jitu Bhaiya.

Though they told me to continue blogging several times and once Anupji even tried to scold me in one of his comment. But, today crossing everything these words of Anupji have lots of complaint.

“शायद और बेहतर रिश्ते मिल गये हैं।”

In fact, these words are paining me.

From now onwards all my Hindi posts will appear only on Please be there too as you have been here.

I shall try to pay back their love.


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