Posted by: Prem Piyush | July 19, 2007


People do come and go. And this ‘and’, many of us believe, is just like a poem. May be the same reason, when everyone was writing wishes on the farewell card of my colleague friend Amit; from me, he personally wished that – I should write a short poem for him on the card. I am reproducing the same here.

आँखें तेरी साथ रही,
बातें तेरी याद रही,
चिंता नहीं थी बाधाओं की,
मित्रता तेरी आबाद रही ।

लिखुँ कुछ तुम्हारे लिए,
आँखें अश्रुपूरित मेरे हूए,
आज दुआएँ मैं करता हूँ ,
तेरा फिर नया सबेरा हो ।

आशीष भेजू, मेरे सारे ही,
और मंगलगीत, प्यारे भी,
सपने जहाँ पर सच होते,
वहीं तेरा एक बसेरा हो ।



  1. It is one of the most beautiful poem I read yet on friendship.

  2. good work keep going ,
    for some more hindi poems u can also visit

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