Posted by: Prem Piyush | June 19, 2007

Sonific Widget

WordPress widgets ; And I added sonific to the right part of blog. Readers may find my taste of music and songs. Though, I have limitations of choosing the tracks available to their site only. May one or two of them you may enjoy, after patience of downloading time.

For getting this widget, one have to put Sonific widget on sidebar and register with Sonific site at the same time. Once you choose out the desired song at sonific, you will be given a code, that code need to be put in ‘Sonific widget properties’ from the blog’s control panel.

Be it free themes or additional widgets provided by sponsored companies, the business model of Matt(the owner of wordpress) is good one. Its the easyness of technology along with the promotion of sponsor’s services with due credit to technical expertise of wordpress team.

By the time, let enjoy the music.



  1. Hi Prem

    Just wanna say welcome & thanks to you for dropping in at my page.

    Why I am late? I saw your footprints only today 🙂

  2. hey im trying to put it in my blog too, but i dont find any indian songs in there. In which category are they put up?

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