Posted by: Prem Piyush | June 17, 2007

Married life and one year…

And Pinky gave me the missed call. I guess I am the perfect victim when she needs someone to hear so many things ( including craps) with patience. After hearing I was in the market, she was suggesting me to sleep, eat and merry best in the bachelor life as long as its available to me. “Why?” I asked. It was something different than her talks she would have so many of complaints.

“Dada, you may have free (?) classes from me. All your marriage dreams and poems may be about one year, once married. Afterwards you will feel how responsibilities are coming one by one. ” – she told.

She has got some uncommon sense of humour always. By grace of God, they make a perfect couple. She continued -“See for the whole day I took care of the baby. Now your bro-in-law is about to come home. And I am going to act slightly angry for just two minutes, as he will ask the reason, and I will tell a fresh set of grievances. And as reply, with all new set of promises, he will try to make me happy and take the baby for rest of the evening. And your ‘bechara’ bro-in-law with hungry stomach and tired body, have to do his father’s responsibility as well as husband’s. His business expectations are keeping him more busy for the day. And at home, the promotions demand more time from him. All of his friends do complain that for one year after marriage, they were happy. Once they got family promotions, they talk about the golden life of bachelorhood !! ”

I was just listening her and thinking these woman are no different.

On the other front, I was feeling happy, as she understands the things in much matured way and how she is going to do the pretty tantrums once he comes back to home. I know he will be relaxed in reality.

Her unwanted lecture was really helpful for me today. As I got an answer to – my worries of settlement that I had today. There is nothing blissful than golden bachelor life. Though ‘one year’ and afterwards, where my poems will go, I am not sure but . Before “Delhi ke laddu(I mean Saadi ke laddu)” , its time to write few more poems…


  1. hehehhe….kahin aisa to nahi..shadi ke naam se hi aapke muh mei shadi ke laddu ke baare mei sochkar pani aa raha hai… 😉

  2. 😛 😛 : P 😛

  3. @ TTH,
    Waise abhi bhi mujhe woh din dekhne baaki hain but….Perhaps, saadi ke Laddu dekhkar Bandon ko pasina jarur aata hoga…. 😦
    Aur yeh bhi suna hai kuch mere doston se…. Saare bechare laddu khakar pachtate hain…. 😀
    Thanks a lot.

  4. sach thora kadwa hota hai but try to digest it!!! hihiihiihihihhiiii 😛 😉

  5. sach yah hai kiiiiiiii…..aapke dost bechare hein jaisa ki aapne khud apne statement diya hai!!!!!! ishliye unhe pachhtawa hona laazmi hai….rahi baat pasina aane ki, wo to aayenge hi kyunki responsibility lene se jo darte hein…. 😉


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