Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 29, 2007

The beginning song

Give me all the blessings,
And curses too, if you have.
Whatever I am worth for.
I failed to stay along you.
Please let me walk alone.
Its a painful moment now.

Again like always before,
I want to walk alone –
Without promises,
Without despairs.

Songs still are there,
Stories I kept in my heart,
Since the ages,
Never did you ever asked.
As I will be walking alone,
Marks will be on the sand of time.
The winds of time, I will flow,
On the path, smooth
And with stones sharp.
But I have to walk.
They are calling me –
At the distant horizon.

Poetry and Prose are true –
Than me – or may be you.
And I will be there,
For them ever
They need me –
And still this moment too.

Otherwise – here I live a life,
That is just a fair exchange.
And I am not a barter.

Please don’t forget me,
When someday I meet you-
Somehow somewhere.

Before I leave – I will say –
The pains and songs –
Nothing is by accident.
“HIS delicate weaving – can you see?”
But for the better humanity.
Lets understand that.

Please don’t hear me –
If it pains you.
Please let me sing,
Dance and cry aloud,
As, none of you can walk along me.
And I can’t make false promise –
To stay with till the last moments –
Of final departure.

Its time to bid adieu,
Please don’t say bye –
May there is a place,
Very beautiful –
And we will say – Just Hi.



  1. full of painful 😦

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