Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 23, 2007

The Moon

When sun sets down,
My energy is gone.
When the darkness surrounds,
In the mid night –
And I am alone.

Everyone is slept- none awake.
I do search for some light,
Of love or at least hope.
Someone who can hear –
All my pains and dreams,
And I need a company.

I sit alone on the roof,
And watch the countless stars,
The stars of luck –
The twinkling stars,
But they are still far.

In the cool breeze,
I find only you,
The dearest – my nearest,
Glowing with all might,
O’ dear – my moon.

All your soothing light,
When touches my soul,
Me, so delicate – feel so cool.
I am wet in your moonlight.

Its a bliss my dear,
When in the clear night –
Just we sit together-
Feeling nearness,
None – but I and You,
Silent – talking nothing.

And the next morning –
The world is around,
And you are hidden.
In morning garden -I walk alone.
And I see the drops –
Of pearls,
On the rose buds,
Dew drops – the world says.
Dear may I ask you,
Today – just one thing ?
Do you too cry – my moon.
On those lonely nights ?

I can see my dear,
You too have a scar,
In your heart,
May be – Just like mine.
So your company,
Is always soothing –
And it knows – the pains.

O’ moon, in all nights,
As I have seen you,
Crescent and full moon,
Of growing big night by night.
Limiting again same way.
Playing hide and seek,
Just for while,
I have learnt from you,
Life is a full circle.
O’ my dear moon.

Waiting for you,
Since ages of loneliness.
I do wish, one night –
when I am there,
Come down moon,
Silently – Just one kiss.
And my life will be complete.
I know – my moon,
You are born for millions,
Would you come ?
One night – just for me !

I guess, you may never !
And I have a song for you –
Dedicating tonight –
O’ my dear moon.



  1. बहुत खुब, बहुत अचछा. very talanted

  2. शालिनी,
    सराहना के लिए धन्यवाद ।

    But ‘talented’ – when will I become ? 😦

  3. that is such a beautiful poem… 🙂

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