Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 9, 2007

Please do pray for Yugi

Yugandhar (Yugi) is a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya kurnool, A.P. alumni.

Yugi’s mother has only one kidney in her body and as well he too have a single kidney in his body. Holding hands of his thin mother, he came out of the hospital Hyderabad Kidney Center after 6 hours of dialysis. To an unknown they may look like just another sick person coming out the hospital, unless one knows the story in full.

Yugi’s mother used to be a proud village mother of two intelligent sons, Koteshwar and Yugandhar (Yugi), who got through the Navodaya Vidyalaya scholarship exams. A family with father, uncle and everyone else proudly lived happily with its existence.

As the teenagers they came out of the school passing the 12th exam, as normal healthy boys and joined the professional courses.

Their mother carried one X chromosome, the carrier of alport’s syndrome. She never knew it. As she was just a carrier, without affecting her health or showing any symptom. And as the sons born from the mother’s ill fated womb, they carried the mother’s X chromosome.

The chromosome when carried by sons from such mother carrier in most cases, leads to failure of their kidney as they reach 20’s and 30’s !

As Koteshwar reached their 20’s the X-Chromosome carrying the Alport’s syndrome started showing its dreaded effects. Koteshwar’s both kidneys started failing miserably. Getting a kidney is much harder than getting lakhs. Her mother promptly gave her one of the kidney to save the life of his elder son.

What about their father and uncle and other male family members? – Everyone was killed brutally by Naxalities, for nothing but to make headlines in the papers!

The family was devastated. The mother with his sick sons was forced to leave the village.

Elder son, Koteshwar tried to relive with the donated kidney of mother. One day he was out of home and never came back.

Koteshwar’s younger brother, Yugandhar too developed the same symptoms of kidney failure when he reached his 20’s. Doctors gave a deadline for kidney transplantation from some donor. It was a tough task to find a donor from relatives, as now the rules are strict that only family members can donate kidney. Seeing none around, mother prayed to doctors to take her lone kidney to her son and save his life. The things were taking a bad shape – the media noticed the case and did the rest job.

A healthy lady with consent of her husband came out to donate the kidney, without asking for a penny. As donor was not a relative – hence we alumni have to take a lot of exceptional legal and medical permission for this transplantation.

Now we required lakhs of Rupees, we asked for money from different sources. It was a really tough task. Even then we came out more than 2. 6 lakhs across the global alumni and welfare organizations. Currently more donations have poured in. I personally went through the nicely written donations and expenditure details in the beautiful handwriting of Yugandhar himself.

The transplantation for Yugi was done one day. And the mother cried when the marathon transplation operation was successful. Months passed off ! Fortunately in the same hospital, one of our alumni is a doctor.

Many a times, when all the doors seemed closed, some lights come in the dark. Now with the lights around, his body accepted the new kidney in his body.

And still he is not to the normal life.

I could not carry any fruit, Horlicks or any edibles, as everything is forbidden for him even in juice form for time being. And on one occasion, while we 4 friends were sitting near to Yugi, his mother went down the hospital and carried 4 bottles of Slice for us, from some shop. We were helplessly seeing her, this motherhood, we could do nothing, but took that.

But recently some news came alarming to us.

As he has to go regular urine check-ups, he was found with abnormal levels of constitutents. Ketone level reached to 15 mg/dL, whether normal person have less than 2mg/dL .

He is undergoing frequent dialysis. Another Navodayan doctor Srijana is trying, her proved Homeopathy medicines too for his kidney acceptance in the body.

Now experts are saying that this is turning out the case of kidney rejection. Even with proper treatment, there is only 20-30 % chance of his survival.

The fact is there are two persons -a Mother and a Son. Each having just one kidney, and same willingness to live more years together. Money is not a problem now – we need something more and that costs nothing to us.

Please do pray for their health and long life, whatever you can ….


  1. Hi,
    Its very sad that happend with Yugi and his mother. I pray to god that pls give him a new life by making him healthy.

  2. i pray to god that please save him

  3. God will take care……………..My best wishes r with him

  4. God bless them longer life and peace of mind

  5. I pray to the God for yugi and his brave mother ‘s long life…God please let them live long….

  6. I’m too joining my hands to pray for him.

    God bless him!

  7. god always help the people with strong determination,will power.I prayer god to respect their struggle with life and let them live long

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