Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 4, 2007

April 4 , 2007

Welcome to the world,
– The Baby !

Today mother feels,
A complete woman.
Today father feels,
A complete man.

As a son,
To bring smiles,
To parent-in-laws.

You have brought,
Challenges – first,
Never like today.
Hope dear Godly baby –
You have the answers !

But I am sure,
Baby – you are different,
Something different,
And you are special –
To follow –
My Dear Lucky !

Blessing you dear
Your lone Mama-
For more reasons,
That only my,
Last so many years know.

With my tears,
For Krishna’s feet,
From the inner core-
My dear,
This day is for You.



  1. Happy Birthday Lucky


  2. Hey, I became Mama of Pinky’s first baby, born on 4th. Ab mat bolna ki mithai chahiye 😉

    (Lucky is didi’s second son. Anyway I am keeping this line safe for Lucky’s first birthday).

    Thanks !

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