Posted by: Prem Piyush | March 26, 2007

When no one hears you

When no one looks you,
Look at the mirror,
Placed on the wall,
In the wetness of the pupils,
I do float for you.

When no one recalls you,
Look at the needles,
Of your watch,
Each ticking moment,
I do recall you.

When no one hears you,
Lie down on green grasses.
Sing in the air above.
In those cool breezes.
Dear, I do hear you.



  1. and still if you cant understand all this
    just pick a paper and pen
    and you’ll see
    whatever comes there
    Is just enough to tell you
    you arent alone.


    these lines bring smile on lips with a sweet pain and reminds poetry is the best way to shair pains
    isnt it?

  2. Wonderful roushan…..!!! You have given a perfect meaning of this poem by adding few lines.

    I liked it very much…very very much….!!:)

  3. Awesome!

  4. u guys are really very intellectual…..:)

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