Posted by: Prem Piyush | March 15, 2007

Harvesting casual blogging

Have I ever asked myself, like all the bloggers, why do I blog, frequently / infrequently ? Yes, I did asked, and the answer is like most of you, just to pen down ‘something’. It has been well proved in the blogosphere that, if literary interest is there, this hobby of reading – writing , turns out as addiction becomes quite difficult to leave. At some place, I have read – A post a day, keeps the doctor away ! Like everyone, my blog too surfed several ups and down. Long back, one time at the verge of complete deletion ! And fortunately, it stood stronger with self will.

I am trying hard to be just-me and not ME, and look around. There is much more around ‘me’, that’s moving with a surprising consistency, and I am just a part of it. “Do look outward” vibrations of these lines do help me. Be it managing the team at workplace or family, outward look, paid well. And here in blogging outward looking is write ups on the society, economy, politics, science, literature and so one. On these topics, though I always have written casually, there have been times, they are taken to be published as the content of other sites too. This is the fourth time, when something written as just another pieces of write-ups got prominent place at another site. For many writers this is “what’s important about it? “. For me, if nothing important, these kept me boosting, at least. I had at least risen quite far above the complexion of “No one reads me !” as I had in early days of blogging. I am in a wider circle of readers now.

Now, I did feel happy when my casual writings on “Rubberi devi” and “Tea-production” has been taken to be published in Bihar dedicated site‘s content. Thanks to the self – starters of the site, Shalini and his team and their unconventional hobby.

I was told that normal human don’t use, even 15% of their potential. I will keep writing. I have nothing much to give you apart from these words as long as I have necessary supports to grow.



  1. You write very well so that you got honoured. Keep it up 🙂

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