Posted by: Prem Piyush | March 14, 2007

Fostering the generations

At the childhood, all the children of one family look same, and so do happens same in next generation too. And after two generation, between two individuals of same age group , much of difference can be seen.

This reality hit me hard, when I was at nani’s place in holidays for a short time.

Beginning childhood, initially every individual gets same set of facilities / punishments, but later on individual themselves chooses out the preferred one. Keep apart the facts of individuality, but there is something more important, that makes a huge difference of status so do the thinking level between two individual, divided out of two branches of same tree trunk.

When both individual from two respective generations meet, if the status difference is much, one feels inferior to other and vice verse. I am not a student of sociology or related discipline, thus I dare not to go in-depth. But in plain words, I can say that its the attitude of growth with added education.

Of course at the moment some individual remains there with willingness intact, who becomes the pillar of saplings for growth.

Though the scenario at nani’s place had been much glittering, had my nani was permitted to do the teacher’s job and continue with her education. On just seeing her reading a book, the English school inspector gave her an appointment letter.

Meet her to know her. Now she may be around 70 + . Still today her memory is extraordinarily sharp. About people, places and events, her narration is flawless. I keep looking to her, as her narration is always well weaved. If I give her story books / novel to read, she can finish up faster than me. She can recite without mistake, the long poems at a stretch, she learnt / read sometimes. A perfect pativrata – a perfect Devi “Savitri”, as her name is. I would rather not comment on this , as they are happy with each other, and more in love, it seems. When I was child, I stayed with nani at village for about one year, as Pinky was just born and Ma’s exams were there along with school ! Though at village, her ill maintained cracked feet and toes pained me, but practically I am for use of hers now.

This time while having lunch, she was making me understand the Bengali poem of Michael Madhusudan Dutt, who wrote one for her mother (And consequently she was, pouring more rice in my plate between my no-no hands). She was making me understand , how Micheal missed the mother and motherland in later life.

My nani tells, how she managed the family with a nana’s head-clerk’s job and deed-honesty. He was the first Matric pass of the area ! Her family grew up educated at higher level than nana’s other brother’s family. Now today, she feels contented a bit with some dreams fulfilled as she is the secretary of the middle school’s society.

The current generation is stable now, but still, I do guess, the next 20 years will bring a remarkable difference again, as apart from education there are something more, that’s called values related to integrity. These may be related to personality, family or social place.

Education available at hand is not everything, but the tendency to pick them up for right situation matters. I have seen families, when a famous surgeon’s needed Rs. 15 lakhs donation to admit his son for a MBBS degree from a private college. Famous professor son is unable to find a primary teacher’s job. And the landlord’s son is trying to sell of paternal property, and “thinking hard to decide” to start some business.

Ma tells / warns these things this way – ” I have all material things of my own, just my own. Thankfully – God have given you all body parts intact. The best education opportunities are given to you. Now make your own destiny. ” For a long time, I did not understood this statement.

About inherited property, she gives example of big Jewelery houses, Tatas and Ambani’s whose business is still carried up by the generation next with prosperity added. The basic ingredient that carried them forward : the tendency to excel, the tendency to struggle of own, the tendency to be strong enough to stand on own feet without much support.

Tendencies intact, when the bed of roses, material or abstract, comes by heredity, then they are luckiest, if they can see the opportunity in front of them.


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