Posted by: Prem Piyush | March 13, 2007

Metro Cookies

I am a smart guy now. And I did not carried any bag with me, while returning from office. Never I felt any need to buy a plastic jhola bag, as its used in home. I can’t carry plastic bags as my father use to do, keeping one inside his office bag.

Anyway food is needed for all generations , be was for old thought’s gen-ABC or current my gen-X. If you are calorie conscious and maintaining the waist size and blah blah, count all calories spent and to be consumed before eating a bit of popcorn.

If you are not a fast food addict, you can try some slow cooking too , but the precondition is you should have necessary PQ. Never heard this term, don’t worry, I will give gyan. Patience Quotient (PQ) is something, never taught in text-books. But one thing I know is, PQ’s lowest level is the red-chilli sauce ready to pop-up the bottle seal and highest level is the ice-cream pack kept in the deep freezer) .

So if you can go for slow cooking, tips from me – put a framed photo of Sanjeev Kapoor of Khana-Khazana fame , in the kitchen, and do experiments. My days are going busy otherwise, I have plans to be guest at Sanjeev’s house, one-day, to know, who really cooks at his home!

In any case while cooking, don’t remember Mother’s cooked food in those hungry hours, otherwise you shall not find anything tasty after cooking.

Anyway vitamins are needed to keep body and mind fit , and vegetables are great source of them. So I decided to buy some vegetables,while returning back from office. While choosing a vegetable shop, I think to help the business of small vendors rather than supermarket. What an excellent thought of socialism! Still no one awarded me, pity !

I buy some vegetables. As language problem is here, otherwise little price bargain would have taken place here too. Saving a rupees 2 is a great achievement.

As I am north Indian , I bought 1 kg potato, 500 grams of onions and 250 grams of tomato.

Had I been a South Indian, the quantities might have reversed here. Me, some Gundappaswami Premnathan could have bought, 1 Kg of tomato and 500 grams of onion and 250 grams of potato.

Of course the shopping list is long, but wouldn’t mention details, otherwise, I have cook it here ! But worth to mention that after all vegetable and groceries bought, it became the congregation of 7 plastic bags. Now my left hand’s each finger got some responsibility, though unevenly distribute. Right hand is free but with big plastic carry bag , with addtional role to carry mobile phone, as its my brains outer part. My brain’s connectivity with whole world is most important.

Though any call can arrive any moment and I have to attend that at any cost. I do cross the road, but why should I be careful while crossing the road, the drivers must understand, that I am talking on a serious topic.

Anyway I am not sure, while crossing road, if my all plastic bags will be intact, when Driver too would be attending the call of her worried wife, while driving.

I crossed the road successfully, oh no, usually, like thousands others are crossing in India. I reached the home. But here cooking is still to be done…


  1. So smart boy is ready to cook food :P.

    the same question about SK.”.. who really cooks at his home!” comes in mind many times.

    LOL@ Gundappaswami Premnathan… add Piyusham too 😛
    Funny and hilarious post :).

    Now waiting for eating the cooked food 😛

  2. Hmmm.. everything is ready but gas lighter is missing :p .

    It feels better to remain simple G.P.Piyusham, but never smart .

    Thanks for liking the post. Just trying to cook something non-serious, ready to eat and spicy, to add variety in posts.

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