Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 21, 2007

Vint Cerf in Bangalore

We do ‘surf’ the net – your name too contains ‘cerf ‘.
We are the son of internet, you are the grand-dad of internet.
Thank you “grand-pa”

–It was the concluding complimentary note to him by some invite and Dr. Ambedkar Bhawan applauded with claps.

Living in metro, staying away from my own people, gave a chance to know the bigger family of humans, in real sense. All our ‘great’ problems seems too small when we come in front of such people. All great thinkers are ground to earth. Google’s Speaker Series’s first guest Vint Cerf is the VP and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google.

In my 3rd sem. when I used to read TCP/IP protocol, in the thick book of Computer Networks – by Tannenbum , the building block of internet, I never thought that I could ever see the dreamers of the same. Hearing those things from inventor himself is a bliss.

Packed with sense of humour, he warned the guests early that “Please don’t snore, as the lecture was mostly technical”. And he was right. Unless one is conversant with basic technical implementations, it is little difficult to catch up with his flawless speech’s flow.

Apart from his basic lecture on Protocols and technical implementations of internet with limitations and telling people for out of box thinking, his current project on interplanetary communication protocol was really interesting. Hope Mars and Earth will be better networked !

This world belongs to dreamers, rest all are just followers or repenting persons. Its really nice a see the pack of energy , dreaming with ideas and inviting people to share the dreams.

On being questioned from different angles his answers were ‘like’ these. (Hope to keep a .mp3 recorder from next time.)

Digital divide in India and solution:  As the investment is high, and dependcy on private sector is not always expected, the govt and local authorities should make backbone of internet/broadband with the local funds (shared) as local units. And add them all together for great national network. Penetration of information using devices is must.

Google’s challenges?  Indexing video files based on ( not tags / file names) but the content inside. and same for audio files based on inside sound tracks.

Web based OS, is possible ? As the trends /applications are changing, it will be some where near to that , may not be the exact OS.

Will the extreme power of Internet will be foreseen as living supreme entity?
He refused the speculation, as at all point of time, it will be assisting living entity but never can replace any of them.

Why he joined Google ?  Because people have two essential characteristics here, 1. Their smile, 2. They are reliable. But he blamed himself for increasing the average age group of employees there. Rest he added his professional history and attachment with the products.

There are different search engines,as you tube for video, flicker for photos, and Google itself, can these be unified ?
As each have own way of data indexing and approach, the variety of search engine will remain so, and the trend may see some changes in search patterns.

To sum up this unique chance, its a professional move of Google to attract the technical talents towards Google after bringing some of the great thinkers face to face. I do look forward for more such guest lectures – the brain tonics. Thanks JJ for the invitation.


  1. Must’ve been quite a lecture…!


  3. Brillant. Well done. Kya baat hai.

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