Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 14, 2007

Valentine’s Red Rose

I have been keep you asking,
What you would like to have?
On the coming Valentine day.
Apart from my heart,
Which I already lost to you.
You always laughed a lot,
But never replied.

I thought to give you a Rose,
A Red rose, growing in our garden,
Growing within so many flowers.
Both of us saw that,
Since January ends,
I praised the Rose bud,
I saw it growing daily,
Silently, I waited all the days.
One day, I wanted to give you.

Today is 14th February,Red Rose
Valentine Day.
You are sleeping now,
Still deep asleep.

Today, for you, I got up early,
With a hurry like never,
Before sun rays could sneak in,
Between the window curtains.
I rushed to the Garden,
To get my Red Rose,
I have grown for you,
For you, only for you,
Before you get up.

Today the Rose is not there !
And I am hurt a lot,
I saw the empty branch there,
Someone plucked it.
Our Red Rose – we watered.
I thought to shout aloud,
But again thought of you,
I could not shout,
I could not cry too,
If I do, you may get up.

I came back dejected,
My heart was broken,
My Valentine’s flower!
Who stole that ?
Why anyone did so today ?
Who broke my wishes ?
For this day, I can never forgive,
I came back feeling helpless,
I was feeling guilty.

I wanted to sleep again,
I wanted to forget the rose,
I saw you again,
I felt helpless like never.
You are still asleep,
The glowing face,
Like an innocent child,
And I wished be forgiven,
My dry lips, breathing slow.
I am unable to forgive myself.

I must have remained,
Wake-up whole the night,
For my flower of the Red Rose.
I am thinking endlessly.
I am looking at you,
Fearing, what if, you get up?

Now you moved slightly,
But still asleep,
And I can see your index finger,
That came out of the blanket,
How it happened?
Why my Valentine morning is so?
Red marks on your index finger,
Alas! These are blood clots, I guessed.
May a needle pricked there,
Last night, while stitching,
But why didn’t you tell me?

I am clueless,
I want to ask you,
I am just looking at you,
I have lost my Red Rose too,
And now your finger is hurt here,
And you are sleeping still.
I felt helpless my dear.
I too wanted to sleep,
Just to forget the morning.

I pulled my pillow slightly,
Making a distance from you,
For my guilt feelings,
And from between our pillows,
Ah! A Red glow came out from there,
Radiating my world,
Radiating the whole universe,
The fresh Red rose is kept there,
May be, an hour ago plucked,
Entangled with a piece of paper,
Written on it – are the three words.

Tell me dear,
When did you get up?
Why did you prick your finger?

Please do get up,
My Valentine !

P.S. : Hey Readers, like my all other poems,  its a mere imaginary piece !



  1. Such sacrifice for love … it makes me envious too.Wonderful approach to reveal the love emotions of both.Keep it up Prem Bhaiya …. Your name’s true meaning reflects the spirit of Valentine … Happy Valentine Day … I wish you to have such lover of yours forever.

    Vinod Rao.

  2. Even knowing what the turn would take the poem, it kept me holding till the end. 🙂

    No words to say anything about the poem.

    Simply Beautiful!!!

    It shows that love is beautiful feelings for who has beautiful hearts and who knows to live their life for others.

    And my best wishes are always for you 🙂

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