Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 5, 2007

Those grey walls.

Walking down the evenings,
Along those old walls- high,
Those faint bass and trebles,
Tied me with a string along,
Is that the souce, if  I am not wrong?

Legs moving on the road,
Sounds entered through ears,
I kept walking still attached,
There , these sounds seemed
Kept me filling – My vacuum.

Instinct again told – only truth,
Those drum beats, as if hundreds,
Metals clings, and my heart sings,
They reached me, across walls,
Across the high walls, barbed.

Boundaryless sounds reached me,
Inspiring  high trees shed leaves,
Infinite blue rays reached my eyes.
Everything came to my path.
I could not cross, ignoring them.

Trees want me close and near,
Sounds I want to hear and near,
I want to be near radiating lights,
So near I reached, still far away.
I can reach them, I again felt today.

And stands a wall, between two worlds,
A wall to stop me, keep me away,
Those barbed wires, to tear my skin.
Till I bleed,  I feel a pull towards.
I have to still reach, where I can !

One day, I shall sing this, on stage,
Near to trees, in a bright night,
To quench, thirsty soul of years.
Near to drums, to hit one of them,
Triumph before death, O’ Amen !

– 03/02/06


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