Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 4, 2007

Wanna Go Home !

I have planned to go home towards this month end to perform some necessary customs of Mama :), its a conincidence of Holi celebrations too. And to me, from today itself, its really started nostalgic feeling .

Strange is the fact that, as I grew older and came to Bangalore, this intensity also grew stonger. The most important factor is having worked in home-town for more than two years  enjoying the circle of my owns. At that time, other people seemed happy (some envious) of my place of employment.

Though same feeling was there in hostel days too, when we used to wait for vacations to start, but the intensity was comparatively less as then time used to pass-off easily with friends and classes. Only on the last day, I used to count hours and minutes waiting for Papa.

Presently may its the single status, that makes me nostalgic. But sometimes I do worry, whether this attachment towards home will remain same, once I will be settled down, with more liabilities and time constraint !


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